Home Refurbishment Diary: The Start of the Renovations of my New Home

This summer gone, I and my family moved home. Due to a realignment of schools and work locations  – we moved to London! I have never lived in central London before and the move has proved to be a runaway success for the entire family. The general chaos of city centres has always appealed to me and I love the energy of a thousand souls around me. The proximity to places to is a great impetus to walk everywhere and frankly, I can’t remember the last time I drove. The biggest downside – my close proximity to Oxford Circus is proving to be a very bad thing!

Of course, with a decision to live in ‘central anywhere’ comes the acceptance that you will get less living space for your money then if you moved slightly further in any direction. Once, I had come to terms with space realities, we started house-hunting and last month we found our perfect pad.

Our purchase was in reasonably good condition and moving into, as it stood, was a feasible option.  However, after considerable discussion we arrived at a marvellous mutual marital decision – let’s renovate it now before we move in! This was a big decision but once made – the full reality of the situation sunk in and I was quite giddy with joy.  Finally, as a fully paid member of the home and interiors obsessed club, I have my very own chance to turn my home into a Pinterest inspired piece of home heaven.

Now, that I have set up the premise of this experiment, I am going to introduce some of the rooms that I am currently working on. I plan to discuss individual rooms and their design decisions in future blogs.

Kitchen: My new home opens directly into the kitchen.  This configuration means two things: 1) You don’t have to travel too far to get to the food 2) As the first room one enters, it should make a decorative impact while being completely functional.  I have never investigated or bought a kitchen before and boy have the past few weeks been a huge learning curve. I have limited space to play with and I need a classic L-shaped kitchen with not much space available for storage beyond that. We have decided against an island as I would like a dining table there instead. I do believe it works as a family hub and everyone gravitates towards the kitchen table – especially the children.  More than anything else, I am obsessed with having a brick wall in the kitchen. I have always loved the way they look and now I have a chance to have my very own. Two concerns; one there is no brick wall present so I will have to use brick slips (www.brickslips.co.uk). Second, the only wall where this would work is also the wall that the cooker will back onto. I have looked into this and opinion is divided.  Some say that even with a splashback, it is not a good idea as the wall will stain with the splashing of food whilst cooking.  Others say that with a sealant in place and a little care, it should not be a problem.  I am not sure what to do but currently changing my mind daily…

Master bathroom: This particular room came with a long triangular en suite with a huge bathtub in it.  Neither my husband nor I enjoy taking baths – we are shower people all the way.  I know that conventional wisdom is that one should always have a bathtub in the house but I have decided to be a rebel and take it out.  In that space, I am adding something I will definitely use – a small walk-in wardrobe! This will also create a small passage to the bathroom which will house a dressing table.  I have tried to be smart with space here by using what’s available – I am very excited to see how this will turn out.

Enclosed patio: This particular dwelling has two small enclosed patios.  Of course, I have wonderful visions of me sitting there with a cup of coffee, working on the blog and enjoying the pretty plants around me.  I have recently learnt what a ‘living wall’ is and I think one of the walls in the patio would be perfect for a living wall. There are various issues to consider, the most important being  – real or fake? I have also heard that over time plants may grow past their borders depending on the direction of the sun.  These are some good sites to see examples of living walls:



I have also had first-hand experience of unforeseen issues that effect build and decor in real life situations.  We are lucky in that the previous owner has left us some beautiful herringbone parquet flooring, with borders, that run the length of the house.  However, running new pipes can become an issue when we are not willing to lift up the floor in any room.  Unfortunately, the pipes have lost this battle!

This is the current situation, in a nutshell, of my home renovation project.  So far, it has been a great education as well as a great deal of fun. I hope that you may discover some ideas you like as the project moves along but also that you may offer me some great ideas/advice as well, that will open up new possibilities.

I hope you liked this lookbook, have a great weekend ahead and please follow the blog if you enjoy it. As always, thank you so much for reading Isha’s Verdict.


13 thoughts on “Home Refurbishment Diary: The Start of the Renovations of my New Home”

  1. Congratulations on your new house. I love the patios and looking forward to see the progress and your ideas (When I was 18 I had to choose between bio-engineer and architect. I became a bio-engineer, but have renovated soo much houses in my dreams …).


    1. Thank you so much Goedele! I think I understand where you are coming from. My undergraduate degree is in Biology but I do wonder that if I was starting off at university again, what I would major in? I think it would be a creative field such as creative writing, film studies, interior design etc. It has taken me a long time to accept that just because I do not have a formal education in a creative field, it does not mean that I cannot pursue it and be good at it.


  2. Congratulations on your new pad. Looking forward to you putting your stamp on it. Love your ideas. Enclosed patios are awesome. All the very best.


  3. How exciting! Congrats on the new place and look forward to seeing how the renovations come along. Love your ideas! Creativity levels always go up when there are some constraints. The living wall will be beautiful!
    PS – Love your shoes!


    1. Thanks so much Surinder – I am so glad you liked the ideas. You are so right – constraints definitely force me to think out of the box. I really want the living wall – will keep you updated on my progress. Thanks for noticing my shoes!


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