Awaiting Spring: How to Incorporate Spring Colours into Your Winter wardrobe

Hello everyone!  It has been a while since I have posted; a cold got the better of me but not for long. This weekend gone, the temperatures thawed a bit in London and the sun came out in all its glory. Oh what a gorgeous sight it was and just the reminder I needed that soon enough it will be spring. Now, is a great time to start thinking about shedding some of those heavy winter clothes for some lighter and more vibrant spring clothing.

The truth is that is that there is no miraculous point when the weather suddenly turns a lot warmer.  Spring, at least in London, has a gradual arrival where days become just that tad bit warmer but there is still a chill in the air. in this situation, I find that the best way to incorporate spring into my wardrobe is to:

  1. Incorporate lighter-weight jumpers in bright cheerful colours into my existing wardrobe.
  2. Invest in a lighter-weight, paler coloured coat. These look great, lift my mood and frankly I am developing an allergic reaction to my big fat black puffer jacket at this point.
  3. Wear the above with trousers that you may have not supported during the colder winter months such as wide-legged trousers (now that a bit of wind entering my leg space will not send me into a cold induced panic attack).

I am eagerly awaiting spring and looking forward to wearing some dresses. Unfortunately, that is probably not going to happen too soon, so I am incorporating spring into my wardrobe, one item at a time.

I hope you enjoyed this lookbook and may it serve as a reminder to start bringing out your spring wear.  Thank you you so much for visiting my blog!

Clothes and Accessories:

Trousers – Bershka (£5.99 at the moment)

Jumper – Warehouse

Coat – COS   – similar WarehouseZara, COS, Reserved



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