‘Watching My Fashion’: Why This Wooden Watch Is My Current Top Accessory

I have always loved watches for as long as I can remember.  As a young impressionable girl, I remember observing grown women talking and gesturing with their hands to make a point, with a fabulous watch on their wrists.  Somehow, the beautiful time-pieces seemed to add gravitas to their  conversations and subconsciously I remember making a decision that when I grow up – I will always wear a nice watch!

Without a doubt, a watch has been my favourite ‘everyday’ accessory as an adult. Of course, watches serve a function of telling time and undoubtedly that is very useful.  However, more than their time-telling abilities, what I truly enjoy about watches is the fact that you can view them all day long on your wrist. When you wear a watch, you actually ‘watch your fashion’ as you perform the precious rituals of daily life. From eating food to drinking coffee, from working to spending time with our families, our wrists are constantly in view and so is whatever adorns them. My first birthday present from my husband after we were engaged, was a beautiful watch. That present further cemented what I already knew – that I had the made the right decision!

The unique women’s watch in today’s lookbook is from JORD (Reece series) and is my current favourite wrist companion. I am throughly enjoying the many compliments I get on it daily and have found myself wearing it all the time.  It is a beautiful watch made from wood, with a stunning navy interior.  I absolutely love the unusual walnut watch band, the modern face and the sophisticated design on the dial.

I wear a watch everyday and I love adding bracelets and rings to accessorise my hands.  If you have never given watches a chance or are a full-blown watch enthusiast like me – these gorgeous wooden time pieces are a great one for your watch box. JORD offers a great additional service – personalized watches for him/her and my mine is engraved with ‘Isha’s Verdict’.

A big thank you to JORD for sponsoring this post.  I hope you enjoy these pictures and as always, thank you so much for reading my blog.

Watch – JORD

The particular watch I am wearing – Reece Series Walnut and navy

Men’s watches 

Women’s Watches

Wooden Wrist Watch

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