A Winter Must: The Go Everywhere Black Sweater Dress

We have all been there. You wake up on a freezing winter morning and you need to need to go somewhere; an important meeting at work or an equally important personal meeting and you have no idea what to wear.  You don’t want to go with the tried (tired) and tested ‘black trousers look’ and jeans are out of the question.  To add to your woes, you are not sure how you are feeling about your current body shape (for the record, I am convinced that we all look better than we give our selves credit for) and a form-fitting dress is definitely not up for consideration. Furthermore, it is imperative that you be warm in what you wear as you will be out all day and finally, it needs to work with the coats/bags/accessories/shoes you already have in your closet.

For the record, if it’s going to be public transportation, then it’s a no for me on the heels – the cold makes my feet ache in heels and the thought of tumbling down the escalator on the Victoria Line, at peak time, petrifies me.  You can’t even blame it on a drink at that time in the morning!

The question then is as follows: What do I wear that satisfies all these criteria and still makes me look well turned out for the occasion in question?

The answer: A gently A-lined black merino wool dress that is long sleeved and a midi-length allowing for thick tights and black boots to accompany it.  Other advantages include; a thin wool so that it doesn’t cause to itch all over, a price tag that won’t leave you without food for the next week and it comes in four basic colours.

I have recently purchased this black sweater dress from Uniqlo for all the reasons above.  It’s structure gently glides over my curves without sticking to me and the length is perfect for heels and flats alike. In this week’s lookbook, I have paired it with accessories from my closet to illustrate my point.  in the first look, I have accessorized it with a bold yellow silk scarf, a faux fur-lined sleeveless gilet and a plum coloured handbag.  In the second look, I have paired it with a checked trench and a red handbag.  I am guessing that I will be pairing this dress with something different each time I wear it. That is what I love about these kinds of ‘go anywhere blank canvas’ dresses.  They really do allow for experimentation without the risk of going overboard.

I hope you enjoy these looks and have a great weekend ahead.  If you get a chance, please do follow me on Instagram @ishasverdict.  I am going to be working extra hard on my account in the next few months (‘Isha conquers Insta’ is my new personal goals motto) so your support would be much appreciated.

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog!

Clothes and Accessories: 

Dresses – Uniqlo 

Sleeveless gilet – Zara

Plum handbag – Kate Spade

Red Handbag – Prada

Black Boots – Dune 

Silk Scarf – Uniqlo

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