Home Renovation Diary: My Kitchen and Dining Area Reveal

I have been sharing our renovations and the interior styling of different rooms of our house  –  one room at a time. It is now the turn of the heart of the home; the kitchen and dining area where we gather as a family for everything from eating to playing monopoly.

Given the layout of the house, the kitchen is actually located conveniently between the living room and the home office, allowing one to be ideally situated in the middle of the floor. I didn’t really appreciate this positioning in the beginning but the unique open plan layout of the area has proved to be a boon.

Kitchen design can be fraught with second-guessing oneself as it is such an important area of the house and one that we really don’t want to get wrong. My advice, consider everything and then make a must-have list.  Prioritize that list and then work down in order of importance to you as often we just can’t have everything we want.

Individual family dynamics should influence the layout of your home and these were key considerations for us in deciding the layout of this room. Our family enjoys gathering around the dining table and my children will often do their homework there  – so I was determined to have a full-sized dining table in the area. We tore out the island that was there previously and this proved to be the best decision for us. We were also adamant that we wanted a double fridge and full-size oven/ hob in the kitchen – we decided that they were non-negotiable and worked from that blueprint. As it was a contained area, we decided to go with a simple white kitchen and light grey granite countertops. The Flexi hot water Quooker tap we installed at the sink has proved to be the best thing since sliced bread and I am so glad my husband insisted and I listened!

I have always loved exposed brick and I was dead set on having a vintage brick statement wall in the kitchen that juxtapositioned with the ones in the adjacent study. The builder tried very hard to talk me out of this, citing a variety of reasons that I would regret it.  I listened to all his reasons but just couldn’t get past the idea of the brick. Luckily my husband said that if I was convinced then that’s all that mattered. On a brave day, I told him to get started with the vintage brick slips I had bought and lo and behold – the result was stunning!  He admitted he was wrong and that it actually added a standout element to the kitchen.  I also had a clear glass splashback installed so that there was a clean and continuous look of the wall and this has worked very well so far.

I was very conscious that I did not want to overcrowd the area and therefore, we decided to get benches for the full-sized dining table and only two leather chairs on either end.  This lends a casual and welcoming vibe to the area, and keeps the eye-level spacial view clean and uncluttered. We decided we did want a rug under the dining table for warmth and decided to go for a flat pile distressed rug in black and white that will be more resistant to stains as food will inevitably fall over the table.  I love this rug and it ties the place together really well.

When we had just bought the house,  a dear friend came over and casually remarked – you should get a skylight put right above the cooking area.  What a great idea we thought and went for it! There was already an existing skylight running the course of the stairs going up on the side of the kitchen so now we have a kitchen bathed in light which is just the greatest feeling in London. Perhaps one of our most successful decisions was to line the sides of the skylight with glass as well.  This has worked better than we could have ever imagined – when it is raining the drops are reflected in all directions of the glass and it’s quite hypnotizing – like live moving art in the middle of our kitchen!

Overall, the kitchen and dining area design and decor have proved to be more than we could have hoped for. It suits our family fabulously well and it has taught me a very important lesson.  Believe in your convictions and your vision and if you think you really want something – go for it! Sometimes the only way to create a remarkable space is not to play it safe but to that chance and try something different.

As you well know, I love interiors. When I moved to the UK from the US almost two decades ago, I discovered English home magazines and I was hooked. I have been an ardent interior styling advocate and implementor for many years and the time has finally come for my interior styling passion to have its own platform.

I would like to introduce to you to ‘Interiors by Isha’  – my interior styling services and platform.  This platform will allow me to offer interior styling services and also share ideas, tips, tricks and all things interiors that I love with you.

Do you feel that your living space needs a helping hand in the style department? Our homes should provide an inviting environment that speaks to our personal style and decor sensibilities. Whether you rent, have lived in your home for many years or have recently renovated and have a blank canvas – I can help you in achieving your ideally decorated interior space.

I can help with:
– Advice on different interior styles
– Help you implement your preferred interior style
– Transform a dull room into an impeccably styled room
– Help with sourcing unique furniture and accessories

…and much more.

So, if you feel a conversation with me may be helpful – please do get in touch.

Email: contact@interiorsbyisha.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/InteriorsbyIsha/

Instagram: @interiors_by_Isha


Thanks so much for reading and have a great week ahead.

Please click on the square to see the full photograph.

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