Hello everyone and welcome. My name is Isha Sodhi and I am the 40-plus blogger behind the personal style and fashion blog ‘Isha’s Verdict’.  This blog allows me to combine my love of writing with my passion for style and I ‘lookbook’ both western and Indian fashion on a regular basis. My posts intertwine my personal life experiences with my love for all things fashion.


Ah Fashion – how do I love thee? Let me count the ways
I love thee in the shop and in the magazine
I love thee in the cut and in the fall
I love thee in the drape of the sari and the twist of the dupatta
I love thee in every form; you hold me in your thrall!

It took me years to appreciate that a passion does not have to be grand in its identity like renaissance art for example; a passion is grand when it gives you a natural elation and this is what fashion does for me. Fashion inspires me and fulfills the creative buzz in my head (oh wait – is that buzzing in my head from my kids?) I was born in India, grew up in Los Angeles, lived in London for 10 years, went to Mumbai for 5 years (when I accompanied my husband on an expat assignment) and now I am back living in that great capital of fashion – London! I hope that my residence in these various countries qualifies me to label myself a world fashion citizen.  I love looking at a well-dressed person anywhere; age or gender has never deterred me from appreciating a snazzy dresser.

Everyone has an individual definition of what constitutes being well dressed. I have tremendous admiration for people who do not follow a single style of fashion but can pull together a new style every day and pull it off with élan! To this effect, I am going to lookbook a variety of outfits that I enjoy wearing. This platform also gives me the opportunity to showcase my Indian outfits which unfortunately, do not get as much wear as they did when I lived in India.

On a slightly different note, Indian cinema has a huge fan following and I am definitely a dedicated fan! Cinema is an individual experience and we all go the movies for different reasons. Regardless, I believe the most common reasons for going to the movies for all of us would include larger than life characters, our favorite movie stars, the amazing music and then there’s the FASHION. I think more so than in Hollywood, FASHION in Bollywood is a major draw. I know I definitely look forward to “the wardrobe” in upcoming movies and so do many of my friends. A common conversation post movie has often been something to the tune of, “Oh my God, how gorgeous was that sari she was wearing when she fell off that cliff?” I love the fashion element in Hindi films and in this blog I am going to offer Isha’s Verdict on fashion in Indian movies – offering “Bollywood Movies Fashion Reviews” so to speak.

I am going to pronounce my verdict on the fashion (clothes, makeup, accessories, etc.) in a Hindi movie based solely on my opinion as a viewer and a follower of fashion. I am absolutely not out to offend anyone or to pass judgment on a stylist – I don’t know a single one to be honest!

Thank you for taking the time to visit and read Isha’s Verdict. I appreciate your support in allowing me to express my creativity in this manner.