Vintage Roses and Pearls: My Grandmother’s Purse

Sometimes, I want to achieve a look that is casual yet dressy, but inherently comfortable! I always enjoy wearing this flowy two-layered Kurta as it achieves that look perfectly for me. I bought it at an exhibition in Mumbai where I fell in love with the embroidered pockets. There is another reason I love this outfit – it provides a perfect foil for my Dadi’s (Paternal Grandmother) purse. Things that belonged to another generation have always held a special appeal for me and the fact that it belonged to my very stylish grandmother only makes me covet it more! My grandfather brought it for her on a trip from Sweden and she later gave it to my mother.  I have now borrowed it from my mother on a permanent basis!

(Accessories: Earrings – Isharya)

Purple Pleats: Proved Me Wrong!

I have discovered that I don’t like being proven wrong when I am so sure that I am going to be right! The story goes something like this: I went to the store to pick up a pre-ordered sari for my mother.  The sales assistant asked me to wait while he went to retrieve my order. He added that perhaps I would like to browse their new collection while I waited – like I need to be asked! He came back to find me with this outfit in my hand, looking at it quizzically. “You must try that on, it will really suit you”, he said. “I don’t understand this inner top portion – this would look seriously odd on me!”, I said definitively. He insisted that I try it on and so I did. The moment I looked at it in the mirror I loved how the pleated inner shirt and the jacket worked together! “I will take it”, I said sheepishly. “Of course you will”, he said, the epitome of politeness as always, but I could swear I detected a hint of sarcasm in his voice! Thanks for reading.

(Clothes and Accessories: Outfit – Kalki Mumbai, Earrings – Aquamarine, Watch – Skagen, Sandals – Dune)

Camouflage Comfort: Black and More Black

There are days where you just want to be comfortable! Yes – you want to look good, but ease of wear reigns paramount. This outfit ticks all the comfort boxes with an easy to wear colour, jeans and flat shoes. Also, in real life we need to reuse the clothes we own with multiple outfits. Here, I have re-worn the coat I wore in an earlier post with a dress – This time I have paired it with jeans to elevate a casual day look. I hope you like it and have a lovely and comfortable weekend. Thanks for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Coat  and jeans – Zara, Sweatshirt – Uniqlo, Shoes – Mango, Bag – Burberry, Watch – Michael Kors)

Traditionally Festive: Red, Cream and Gold

Colour has a wonderful ability to influence mood; this outfit always makes me incredibly happy whenever I look at it! Whether it be the gorgeous Rajasthani dupatta in that stunning hue or the intricate embroidery, I adore everything about this outfit.  It’s traditional, festive and flattering all at once. I bought this from a shop in Mumbai which sold the most beautiful outfits incorporating intricate Rajasthani handiwork that can be hard to find these days.  I have worn this outfit to two weddings and had multiple compliments. The best part – it is a great outfit to wear with flat shoes! As always, thanks for reading.

(Clothing and Accessories: Outfit – Saachi, Earrings – Silver Streak, Watch – Skagen)

Gold Stars: Always a Winner!

I fall into the category of people who are perpetually cold! The infomercials selling electric snuggly blankets that you wear are sheer genius as far as I am concerned. Therefore, festive winter dressing always puts me in a bit of a quandary – it’s hard to be stylish when all you want is be wrapped up like a mummy! This is why I am a huge fan of sweater dresses; they are elegant, warm and a great alternative to jeans/trousers in the winter. This dress really appealed to me because it’s merino wool and it has sparkly gold stars on it – what more can a girl ask for!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – &Other Stories, Coat – Zara, Shoes – Marks and Spencer, Clutch Bag – Henry Bendel)

Friendship: Beyond Black and White

It was love at first sight when I saw this outfit! Except it was not in a shop where I could simply purchase it – it was on my friend! I complimented her on the outfit and said, “I really love what you are wearing”, with a pathetic look of longing in my eyes. She smiled and said, “Thanks, why don’t you have it made, I will send it over and you can get it copied.” What a great idea I thought – and so I did. This outfit reminded me of two of life’s truths:

  1. One of the great things about Indian clothes is that you can still get them copied without breaking the bank!
  2. You can always tell a true girlfriend by the fact that she is happy for you to own the same clothes as her!

Thank you M for the outfit (you wear it better than me) and thank you for reading!

(Accessories and Shoes: Earrings – Curio Cottage, Ring – Banana Republic, Shoes – ASOS)

Festive Feelings: Red and Gold

It’s the month of December and the festivities have started. I always find that once December starts, you can feel the cheer in the air and find red and gold (and cold) everywhere! It’s a classic combination that is a fail safe for a celebration and one that will always get you noticed. I not only love the colours in this outfit, but I also love the snug warmth it provides, which is something I often struggle with when it comes to Indian wear in a colder climate. More on that in a later post… Thanks for reading!

(Accessories: Earrings – Santa Cruz Market, Shoes – Zara)

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Fabulous Favourites: ‘Flatastic’ Flats

I was wondering where to start with my ‘Western Lookbook’ when I opened my closet and saw one of my favourite pair of flats. Now, I am a ‘flat shoes’ kind of gal (OK, who am I kidding – I am an ‘all shoes’ kind of gal), but a gorgeous pair of flats always get my immediate attention. Not only are they practical, but a great investment given the high level of repeat wear they will generate. To top it off, they work equally well with formal tailored clothes as they do with jeans. These are a pair of Ferragamo flats in a “tricky” colour, but  a versatile match for many neutrals outfits.

(Clothes and Accessories: Top – Ted Baker, Jeans- Paige, Cardigan – TJ Maxx, Shoes – Salvatore Ferragamo, Watch – Skagen, Bracelets: Follie Follie)

‘Tamasha’ Fashion Review

Tamasha Poster







पैसा फेंक – तमाशा देख,
पैसे तो दिए, पर दिल ना दे पाए
अफ़सोस है के हम सिनिमा से घर, मायूस हो के आए I

Tamasha stars two of the most en vogue movie stars in Bollywood today with faces and bodies that could make a garbage bag look like a million bucks!

Ladies, do you remember at school/college having a bad day and thinking that all the ‘cool’ girls have all the fun and while they are out having all this ‘cool’ fun – they are wearing the ‘coolest’ clothes to have this fun? Guess what – you were right! The movie starts with Deepika or ‘Mona’ on the island of Corsica as a carefree ‘cool’ girl tourist. The island is breathtaking and so is Deepika in all her easy-breezy summer outfits. She goes through various permutations of holiday wear including short summer dresses, shorts and camisoles, peasant tops and flat plimsolls with aplomb! These are paired with delicate jewellery, big watches with multiple bracelets, cross body bags and casually styled hair. An outfit that deserves special mention, is the white shirt paired with printed capris, shades and a hair scarf that ‘Mona’ wears. Deepika successfully channels an ‘Audrey Hepburn look’ here complete with a classic convertible and a dashing driver. The white/cream lacey spaghetti strap dress she wears out on the town with Ranbir or ‘Don’, is also perfectly suited for the relaxed Corsican evening.

Post Corsica, Deepika gets back to corporate life and her wardrobe reflects this change effectively. She is all about cream pussy bow blouses teamed with stylish skirts and trousers. Her thinly veiled moping around prompts her father to ask her to move to Delhi on assignment. Her wardrobe now switches to colder climate wear including boots, sweaters and long cardigans. I loved the blue jumper with a white Peter Pan collar that she is wearing when she goes to ‘The Social’ for the first time, a place that I love myself! I liked the lace dress she is wearing when she goes to the Japanese restaurant with ‘boring Ved’, as well as the black dress she wears when he proposes.  I loved the black and white coat she is wearing when they go the movies. However, the boldest wardrobe choices are not made by Deepika or Ranbir by a long shot! Ranbir’s boss steals the show in this category with his cravats and shocking pink shirts. His wardrobe brilliantly aids his portrayal of conceited and crass ‘Delhi boss’ with an ego the size of Connaught Place!

Ranbir’s wardrobe is also character appropriate and never deviates from his given persona in the movie, of which there are several. The outfits of his Shimla-based mother and grandmother were a sharp reminder to me, of the power of dress to evoke a memory. Their shawls wrapped around them in the cold evenings reminded me of boarding school and the beauty of Himachal in the winter.

Overall, the characters in Tamasha were styled exceptionally well in terms of location and situation. The stylists have done a commendable job of aligning the character and the wardrobe choices so that no outfit is particularly out of place. However, and this is the big however, something was missing. There was no one single outfit that sticks out in my memory that evoked a “wow! I love that and would step over the short girl in front of me in a sale to get it”, type of reaction! In fairness to the stylists, perhaps my views on the movie coloured my judgement of the wardrobe – I don’t know. But there is one thing I do know – the ‘wannabe Carlos Santana man bun’ that Ranbir supports in the last scene of the movie does not work. I highly recommend that it is never repeated again!

Favorite outfit: My favourite outfit was not an outfit this time but a bag. I loved the scarlet Gucci Nouveau Double TasselCross Body bag or Gucci Fringe bag (it was one or both of them I think) that she is carrying in Corsica!

Gucci Bag 2 Tamasha






Worst outfit: A pale beige ‘prom dress’ type of gown that Deepika wears when she is at a party post Corsica. I did not like the style of the dress and the colour did nothing for her.

Isha’s Verdict: 6/10. Credit to the stylists of Tamasha for never deviating from the wardrobe requirements of the characters – even though I failed to find a truly memorable outfit.