Autumn Shirt Dress: And 6 Reasons To Follow a Fashion Blogger

I publish a new fashion lookbook blog post a few times a week. I am truly grateful to my readers who take the time to view and read them. Like most bloggers, I hope that in time new readers will discover my work and enjoy it as well.  To this effect, I thought I would put together some valid reasons for considering following a fashion blogger.

So without further ado, here are my top six reasons to follow a fashion blogger:

  1. Inspiration and Ideas: In most facets of life, we could all do with a bit of inspiration and some new idea generation. Fashion bloggers will often experiment with ideas that may get your creative juices flowing.  For example, I enjoy doing a column called ‘Rescue Mission’ where I discuss rescuing, updating and restyling my older Indian wear for a new spin on the block.
  2. Exposure to a different perspective: We all inhabit our own fashion worlds and our fashion outlook is often limited to our own experiences and those of the people around us. Following a fashion blogger will expose you to a different dimension of fashion that you may or may not have considered before.  I am still amazed that despite being a fashion lover for decades, I constantly encounter new styling ideas that have never occurred to me before that very moment. Taking the time to appreciate another look does not mean you have to adopt it or even like it.  However, I can almost guarantee that it will expand your styling horizons and soon you will find yourself considering fashion options you have never considered before. Think of it as fashion by osmosis!
  3. Free expert advice and free entertainment: As Malcolm Gladwell said in his book ‘Outliers’, spending 10,000 hours doing anything will likely make you an expert at it. Most fashion bloggers have a passionate interest in fashion and will spend many hours exploring it.  Eventually, many of them will become experts in being able to curate clothes and accessories in a uniquely attractive manner (I am still working on getting there). Following their blog allows you to take advantage of their knowledge and expertise for free. Think of a fashion blog as a free fashion magazine, delivered directly to your computer. You can look at it when you are waiting for the bus or your kids to finish their piano lesson.  Best of all, it doesn’t pile up in a corner and you don’t have to steal it from the dentist’s office!
  4. Keeping up with trends: Even if fashion is not your thing, it is always nice to be dressed in a way that demonstrates that you have visited a shop in the last 10 years. A good fashion blogger can help you keep up with the latest fashion trends, what’s new in the shops and what people are wearing on the street, without you having to make a concentrated effort to keep up yourself.
  5. Exposure to new designers and brands: Fashion bloggers will often feature collaborations with designers and brands that you may not have chanced upon yourself. Following a blogger you identify with, will expose you to brands that you may enjoy but would not have discovered on your own.
  6. Authentic fashion: Last but definitely not least, what I love about fashion bloggers is that I get a genuine insight into another person’s world and their fashion choices. Unlike models in a magazine, fashion bloggers style themselves and bring you an authentic view of styling that may or not work for a particular age or body type. Bloggers allow you to identify with a person versus a brand and you can accompany them on an authentic fashion journey that is influenced by their individual circumstances.  For example, I am in my forties with a husband, children, a job and live in a cold country.  My fashion choices and posts will reflect my realities and hopefully be more relevant and interesting for it.

So there you have it! I have laid out, perhaps not so subtly, my reasons for why you should consider reading my blog and if you are in a charitable mood, even following it. However, even if my blog is not your cup of tea, I would recommend finding a few fashion bloggers whose work you enjoy.  It is a great way to get different ideas about fashion that you can incorporate into your own style to maximize your personal fashion statement.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and have a great weekend! Thank you for visiting Isha’s Verdict.

Clothes and Accessories:

Tunic Dress (looking forward to wearing this with jeans in the winter)  – Stradivarius

Vest – Nordstrom Rack

Sandals – New Look

Handbag – Eliza and James


Autumn Approaching: My 5 Point Guide To Better Transitional Dressing

It has been a lovely and warm long weekend and it is easy to forget that summer will soon be over and autumn will approach in all its glory.  As the days get shorter and chillier, this is a great time to talk about improving your ‘transitional dressing’ game between the seasons. I really try to enjoy my wardrobe during this time of year and the following is what I do to maximise my ‘transitional dressing’ style:

  1. Wear my cotton coats, leather jackets, dusters and kimonos for maximum usage: This is a great time to use all those pieces of outwear that you own that may not be warm enough as the year progresses.  A duster or kimono is a great add-on to summery outfits and provide that extra layer without making you too warm.
  2. Wearing short boots with my dresses: This is the perfect time of the year to start wearing your short ankle boots and booties with your outfits.  I love wearing ankle boots with dresses  – it’s a fabulous look that is a ‘transitional dressing’ winner.
  3. Adding knits to my outfits: It is time for the chunky knits to make their debut! A stylish knit over your dress looks great and it is the perfect time for them to shine as they are sufficiently warm for the season and won’t be overshadowed by the big coats that will arrive later.
  4. Wearing jeans and trousers with my dresses: I always try to make my dress-wearing last longer by adding jeans and trousers to them at the end of summer.  Jeans and trousers under your dresses is a current trend so wearing them will show off your fashion prowess and keep you warm at the same time. Let’s face it – I am a bit of a shopper and as I am going to shop anyway, I try and purchase some full sleeve dresses during this time that will look good over trousers in the coming months.
  5. Get my legs out: This is it – the time to get my legs out is now! I try to enjoy wearing my dresses during this transitional time as soon it will be too cold and my legs will go into hibernation till next spring/summer. Therefore,  I work hard to ditch the jeans and enjoy the dresses while I can…

I adore this full sleeve dress that is easy to wear and easy on my pocket.  I have stuck to a completely neutral palette here by pairing it with my pale leather jacket and nude heels.  Finally, I have added a bold cuff to make a statement and I love how the gold pops against the dress. I hope you enjoy this look and have a great week ahead.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – H&M (£17.99)

Leather Jacket – Massimo Dutti

Clutch – Topshop



Autumn Wardrobe: Leather Jacket and A Peplum Top in Fall Colours

Happy Wednesday everyone! I have had the great fortune of having some of my closest friends gather in London for a reunion over the last few days. It has been a lovely treat to roam the streets of London with them and take a break from the daily grind. As expected, in addition to crucial matters such as where to eat every two hours, we have made the time to visit various shopping establishments.

What has constantly amazed me is the individuality that each friend displays in her fashion choices. Shopping with multiple friends has been a master class in endless styling ideas and combinations that perhaps would not have occurred to me.  These recent shopping expeditions have been a great reminder that fashion inspiration is all around us  – all we have to do is look and learn!

It has been lovely to feel the slight chill in the air and I am looking forward to retiring my summer clothes and start bringing out my autumn wardrobe.  Have a fabulous rest of the week and thank you so much for reading.

(Clothes and Accessories: Top – Uniqlo, Culottes – Uniqlo, Shoes – Nine West, Jacket – Truth of Touch)