Grey and Red Sweaters: A Stroll Through Bloomsbury

One side effect of having lived in many countries for extended periods of time is that I often miss the places that I am currently not living in.  At times, I will hear an American accent and I will feel a great longing to be home in Los Angeles. Other times, I will catch a snippet of Hindi on the underground and memories of Mumbai will come flooding back (and subsequently I will often mutter to myself in Hindi). However, I always find that the cure to my temporary melancholy lies in wandering around London.  Meandering through the capital always reminds me of the breathtaking beauty of the city I live in.  London’s aura is phenomenal and every time I experience it,  I become thankful for this new adventure and grateful that I have had the opportunity to experience life in so many lovely places. I took a stroll through Bloomsbury yesterday and was reminded once again of how much I enjoy London! As always, thanks for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Cardigan – Forever 21, Sweater – Uniqlo, Handbag – Kate Spade, Jeans – Zara, Boots – Ted Baker)