‘Rescue Mission Series’: How I Updated My Lehenga for Diwali (for £20)

This is the lehenga and dupatta I wore to my wedding Sangeet many years ago (with a different blouse that time has not treated very well).  I was going through a ‘less is more’ phase during that time in my ‘fashion life’ and pale colours and minimal embellishments were my clothes of choice.  How time changes us – I think if I was to get married today I would be wearing Sabyasachi, Anu Modi and Ritu Kumar to name just a few.  The only restraint I would be able to show is restraining myself from putting them all on together! Of course, that would just be for the engagement…

Despite my preferences for wedding attire changing from ‘less is more’ to ‘more is more’  – I had a great Sangeet and this lehenga rightfully holds the sentimental values of the start of a new life.  It is a pretty lehenga that radiates good vibes and I enjoy wearing it ever so often. This Diwali, I thought it is a great time for a ‘rescue mission’ of this lehenga to enable me to wear it in a more casual fashion avatar than I have done previously.

I was hunting for an embellished top to wear with this lehenga when I found this pretty beaded crop top, with gorgeous fringing, for just £20 online at ASOS.  While this may not be a traditional blouse, it is a statement top that adds a different dimension to the overall look and gives me a chance to rescue this lehenga from the confines of my wardrobe in a quick and easy manner.  There are so many pretty crop tops available on the high street that pair well with Indian clothes.  Of course, a made to measure blouse or top is always a great idea that looks fabulous.  However, sometimes when the situation dictates minimal time and effort – a crop top from the high street is a wonderful alternative.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and thank you for visiting my blog.  Have a great weekend and I hope you get to enjoy some pre-Diwali festivities in the next few days!

Clothes and Accessories:

Blouse – ASOS (£20)

Earrings – Ishariya

Supermarket Fashion: Boho Style Embroidered Top With Brogues

It’s that time again – the new harvest crop of summer clothes has arrived in the supermarkets. I have professed my love for supermarket fashion in previous posts and it seems to go from strength to strength each time I pop in to do a shop. Nothing says spring/summer more than boho-inspired clothing on the rails and when I spotted this pretty top at Sainsbury’s, I knew that I had that last bit of space in my trolley for it (OK fine, I admit I visit the clothes section before the food section).

On a different note, I have always enjoyed combining styles that may not be paired together from a conventional fashion point of view.  With this outfit, I think my feminine, pretty top works exceedingly well with my solid, manly black brogues in a ‘fusion fabulous’ sort of way.  I love the frill detail on this denim jacket – it adds a transformational twist to a box standard denim garment that elevates its overall appearance. Last but not least, some chunky silver jewellery is always a great addition to boho inspired styling.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and thank you so much for visiting my blog.

(Clothes and accessories: Top – Tu Clothing (Sainsbury’s), Trousers – H&M, Brogues – Kurt Geiger, Denim Handbag – Christopher Kon, Jacket – ASOS)


Weekend Casual: In a Ribboned Sweatshirt and Wide-Legged Pleated Trousers

Recently, I have been disappointed with my eating choices.  I have a sweet tooth and I like caffeine; bringing them together in that masterpiece combination called  ‘coffee and cake’ is my idea of food heaven! However, I am fully aware that sugar and caffeine in large quantities are not good for my health.  Everything in moderation is a mantra that works relatively well for me but every once in a while I find myself drifting further from that median into a far right of center ‘processed food haven’. That every once in a while happens to be now!

So just as I have been contemplating various ways to make the shift towards a healthier diet with more fruits and vegetables comes the news that ‘ten a day’ is the new recommendation for prolonging life.  So I have decided that I am going to embrace this recommendation full on and so is the entire family (whether they like it or not).  Why aim for the five a day, which I was not reaching successfully, when I can eat so many fruit and vegetables that I will have no room left for cookies and cake!

I started the new regime with my younger child,when I served him a  pear cut-up in four pieces with his usual breakfast yesterday morning.  “What’s this?”, he said, looking a bit horrified.  ‘It’s the start of the ‘ten a-day’ I said, confidently. “That is the new recommendation by the government and we are going to follow it, so please eat it all”. I wandered off and when I returned with an orange in hand, I asked if he had finished it.  “Sure thing Mummy”, he said. “That’s four out of the ten done for me!”  Well that is one way of approaching it I thought; as I ate the tenth segment of my orange…. On a serious note, I am going to try and eat the ‘ten a day’ honestly and without fail.  In the meanwhile, I am going to look up that recipe for beetroot brownies because it’s Saturday and it is best not to be too hard on yourself on the weekend.

Long lazy weekends wearing comfortable clothes are the best!  I find that choosing relaxed weekend clothing with that ‘x factor’, that differentiates style from simplicity, is a great way to look and feel good on your days off.  I love the relaxed vibe of these  pleated wide-legged trousers.  I have paired them with a simple grey sweatshirt with a difference; the ribbon detail on the sweatshirt provides an edge over being an ordinary grey sweatshirt. I have also paired them with a loose floral blouse with a tie-bow in the back that adds a dramatic flair to the outfit. Finally, my cosy pink coat is the perfect loose-fitting outerwear option for a relaxed weekend look.

I hope you enjoy these looks and have a fabulous weekend.  Thank you for visiting my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Pleated Trousers – H&M, Ribbon Sweatshirt – ASOS, Floral blouse – Zara, Flatform Shoes – Carvela Kurt Geiger, Handbag – Marc Jacobs, Rubber Strap Watch – Stuhrling , Coat – Marks and Spencer)


My 100th Blog Post As An Over Forty Fashion Blogger: ‘Rescue Mission’ Vintage Blouse

This is my 100th blog post.  I must admit, I have surpassed my own expectations of my ability to maintain the consistency of my postings. Procrastination has been a lifelong uninvited companion and I was not sure at the start of this blogging endeavor if I would be able to escape its evil clutches on my time management skills. After some prolonged self analysis (approximately 5 minutes as I have children),  I realized why I have been able to reach this 100th post without much agony and drama.  It’s as simple as it sounds –  when you are enjoying what you do it really does become easier to continue.  I thoroughly enjoy fashion and doing this blog has been a pleasure and a fabulous learning experience.

So what have I learned from doing the previous 99 posts?  Below are the top five observations I have made since I decided to become an over forty fashion blogger:

  1. Fashion is not an age dependent variable but rather an age independent constant.  Age has definitely not diminished my passion for fashion.  If anything, it has honed my fashion sensibilities and I have a much better idea of what I enjoy wearing today than I ever did 20 years ago.
  2. Fashion blogging is great fun – I am spending more money on clothes than ever before but apparently as long as I turn my purchases into content – I am doing something worthy and deserving of kudos! Long may it continue…
  3. I have gone through more makeup in creating these 100 posts than I went thorough in my entire life before becoming a fashion blogger.  As a result, I am discovering the art of makeup, being exposed to new weird and wonderful products and I have a new found respect for makeup artists!
  4. 2016 is truly a great time to be a woman.  I can be a professional, a wife, a parent, a daughter and an over forty blogger all at once. I am not sure any generation previously was afforded the opportunities and support that is available to women in our generation.
  5. I own clothes that are older than some of the younger fashion bloggers that I follow. Clothes, like life, really do come full circle.

Today, I am lookbooking a different kind of rescue mission outfit.  We were visiting  one of husband’s favorite cousins in Kolkata and knowing me as well as she does – she took me shopping.  After exploring some beautiful sari shops we ended up at a lovely clothes and fabric shop as the last stop of the day.  As I wandered around the shop aimlessly,  I spotted a large basket in the corner with some lovely fabrics nestled in its confines.  Upon closer inspection, the basket contained some beautiful old blouses that were unlike anything I had owned before.  I inquired about them and the shop assistant told me that they were vintage blouses that they had acquired and more importantly, they were for sale.  Given the ridiculously cheap price tag on these items, I had to have them and I bought two of the lovely pieces immediately. After a good dry cleaning, I asked my mother on her next trip to India to get me a lehenga made to wear with this ‘rescue mission’ vintage blouse.  This is the creation she came back with and it surpassed my expectations! I love the simplicity and colour of this outfit. The crowning touch of the ensemble is the border of the lehenga that she has added to the back of the blouse to create a back strap and visually tie the outfit together. I wore this outfit to a sangeet (wedding function) recently and I received many compliments on this blouse that I rescued from the obscurity of the corner basket in that shop in Kolkata.

I hope you enjoy this look and thank you for so much reading.  I also wanted to extend a big thank you for the support that you have provided in helping me reach my 100th post on Isha’s Verdict.



Floral Cold Shoulder Blouse: With A Black Wrap Shirt

I met one of my oldest and dearest friends, M, during freshman year at university. I had signed up for a 7:00 AM chemistry lab and on the first day of class, I was in the elevator going up.  When it arrived at my floor and the door opened, a girl was standing there waiting to get in. Before I could exit, she asked me if I was there for the chemistry lab – I said yes and she informed me it had been cancelled. Being the diligent student that I was at the start of every term (diligence that would swiftly disappear as the term progressed), I said I would like to check for myself.  She responded, ‘I will come with you to check”! So off we trotted to the lab room and sure enough there was a sign up stating that the lab had been cancelled for the day.  “When is your next class?”, she asked. “Not for three hours!”, I said.  “Want to go get some breakfast?”, she offered.  Having weighed my options of things to do at 7:00 in the morning on campus, I said yes.  We have been inseparable ever since and breakfast is always our favorite meal together!

The point of this story is that M knows me very well and often observes things about me that I am not aware of, as good friends do.  One fine day she pointed out that if a piece of clothing has flowers on it – I would buy it! I was a bit surprised and said I had never noticed that I was particularly drawn to florals.  She laughed and informed me that I had very ‘girly’ taste and was always buying flowery stuff.  I didn’t really buy into her analysis and promptly informed her that I had very diverse clothing tastes. Years later, one day my sister-in-law came home with a lovely dress for me.  She handed it to me and said, “When I saw this floral flowy dress I knew I had to get it – it was so you! Seems like M had been proven right and I had to accept- I have always been very drawn to florals.

Coming to this outfit, I am loving the ‘cold shoulder’ trend that it all the rage these days. The print on this blouse reminded me of an old oil painting as well as the English countryside in the summer. Given my new resolve to wear more skirts, I have paired it with a simple black wrap skirt.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great Thursday!

(Clothes and Accessories: Floral blouse – River Island, Skirt – New Look, Bracelets – Isharya, Shoes – ASOS)