All Shapes Staple: Floral Swing Dress With a Cropped Coat

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are all aware that women come in various natural shapes (so natural that many are fruit-based such as pear and apple) and there are many guides available on how to best dress to enhance your personal shape and form.

In my opinion, there are a variety of styling tips and techniques that really do work in helping to showcase our individual body shape in the most flattering way possible.  The most important lesson I have learned over the years is that learning what not to wear is even more important than figuring out what to wear.  Certain styles are completely unforgiving on certain body shapes and once you can figure out what does not work  – you are more than halfway there!

The good news is that certain shapes work well on most body shapes and the swing dress is one of them. There is a uniquely feminine quality about a dress that moves with ease around your body and the swing dress is one of my all-time favourites.

I love the bold floral print on this dress and orange and blue is a great winter combination. The orange crop coat provides balance to the swing and the vivid pop of colour helps the outfit truly standout.  I am a huge fan of this beautiful leather satchel and the leather only seems to get better with age and wear.  I wasn’t sure how often I would wear blue suede boots and an orange coat when I bought these items, however, I am constantly astounded by how easy it is to incorporate colour into my winter wardrobe now that I am making an effort to do so.

I hope you enjoy this styling and thank you so much for reading my blog.  Have a great week ahead!

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress –  ASOS (Traffic People)

Satchel Bag – Dooney and Burke

Blue boots – Charles and David, Similar – Zara

Orange Coat – Therapy, Similar – Mango





Autumn Florals: Celebrating Colour In a Midi Dress and a Pink Coat

I did make the statement in an earlier blog post that one of my fashion resolutions for the coming winter was to wear more colour.  Staying on the path to my style goals, I have purchased a beautiful pink coat that would add colour to any grey day.  A colourful coat is a beacon of cheer on an overcast day (of which many will come) and it is almost impossible not to notice bright outerwear when out and about in the colder months.

A few weeks ago, when I visited the Tate Modern with my family – we were stopped for a security bag check at the door.  The lady asked my husband with a serious face, “Are you carrying any sharp objects?” “Just my brain”, replied my husband with a poker face and then smiled.  She did not smile back.  His response coupled with her completely blank “that’s not funny” face had me and my older child in peels of laughter! The blanking of his joke was funnier than if she had laughed because the situation just organically progressed in a hilarious manner.  In a similar way, I was eager to wear my uber comfortable midi-dress a few days ago and without much thought teamed it with my new coat and snood scarf.  I loved the result of the ‘throwing together’ of colours and textures, proving that sometimes casual last-minute styling works better than a planned outfit.

I love wearing midi dresses with boots in colder weather as tights and a vest underneath ensure warmth and style at the same time.  There are so many beautiful winter floral dresses available at the moment and I have listed a few I like below.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and as always, thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Have a great rest of the week!

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – French Connection (similar)

Snood/Scarf – Reserved

Pink coat – Miss Selfridges

Boots – Massimo Dutti

Bag – Karen Millen

Other floral Dresses in the shops:

Mango Floral Dress
Warehouse Floral Dress
Zara Floral Dress





Pinks and Blues: Faux Leather Floral Skirt With a Chunky Knit Jumper

Hello everyone! It is going to be a short write-up today. Pinks and blues are such lovely hues – especially on sale!  I am lookbooking my latest outfit purchased for less than £24 in the sales (£11 for the sweater and £12.99 for the skirt). I love the floral pattern on this skirt and I have a new found appreciation for ‘pleather’ skirts as they hang so beautifully. Chunky sweaters are a great winter staple!  I think this oversized jumper with a cable pattern (in the hottest colour of the upcoming season – pink) adds a certain ‘cool casualness’ to the outfit. I have paired the clothes with my blue boots, a navy bag and a purple coat – bringing all the blues and pinks together for a great winter look.  I really like the way the look came together and I hope you enjoy it too!

Have a great Thursday and as always, thank you so much for visiting my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Sweater – New look, Skirt – Zara (may still be available in stores), Boots – Charles and David, Handbag – Karen Millen, Coat – COS , Bracelet – Swarovski)


Autumn Colours: In a Peplum Top and Suede Skirt

For many years, I preferred to wear neutral colours such as black, grey and cream. They are solid wardrobe staples that are easy to pair together and readily available. As I have mentioned before, I recently had the pleasure of living in Mumbai for five years. Being in India definitely helped me to rediscover my love of colour and broadened my fashion horizons to try and incorporate bright colours on a daily basis.

I love the combination of pink, blue, green and other colours in this outfit. The most valuable styling lesson that I learned in India was that all colours can work together – you just have to make an effort to make them get along! So this autumn/winter, I am going  to follow the bright colour palette of Indian clothes and marry different colours and patterns together, regardless of conventional pairing norms.

I am currently having a major love affair with my blue suede boots and seem to be wearing them all the time.  Initially, I hesitated to buy these boots as I was worried that the colour may not work well with my existing wardrobe.  It turned out that they were a great buy as they forced me to think ‘out of the box’ in terms of neutrals and also seem to lend themselves to just about every outfit. So for those of you who tend to stick to neutrals – go ahead and buy a pair of coloured boots this season and you may be pleasantly surprised at how well they work with your existing clothes. I hope you enjoy this ‘lookbook’ and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Peplum Top – Pied A Terre , Suede Skirt – Preen/Edition Debenhams, Blue Boots – Charles and David , Handbag – Claudia Firenze , Silk Scarf – Biba )



Oversized Dress: With a Blazer and High Heeled Boots

I have a true fondness for oversized clothes.  In fact, in my opinion, the oversized trend is the best thing that has happened to real women’s clothing in the last few years! I definitely have mornings where I do not want to wear anything that is tight-fitting and welcome a more relaxed fit.  As a child I could not understand  why so many older women would wander around in their kaftans/momos all day and talk so fondly about these loose-fitting shapeless garments. With age comes knowledge and I now have a new found appreciation and respect for the ‘relaxation wear’ favoured by so many aunties.

I have lost count of the amount of women I have heard in my lifetime wax eloquent about the unbridled joy of taking off their bra at the end of a busy day.  I think the same principle applies to the pleasure of swapping your day wear with comfortable loose-fitting clothes at the end of a long day.  They makes one feel so unrestricted, so free…till you hear a voice saying, “Mummy – the toilet paper fell in the pot- can you take it out?”….and straight back to the confines of reality you come…Wearing an ‘oversized’ day look can ensure that lovely feeling of comfort throughout the day, without compromising your style statement.

I think the key to making oversized clothes look good is to balance the overall proportions of the look. I find that adding a more structured piece to the styling and high heels are a great way to make the daytime ‘oversized look’ work for me.  This trapeze style dress is a great oversized piece that is both comfortable and has a bright cheerful print to boot.  A fitted blazer adds an interesting element and the high-heeled boots work fabulously in balancing the overall proportions of the look.

I hope you enjoy this look and thank you so much for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Monki, Blazer – Zara, Boots – Charles and David, Handbag – Dooney and Bourke)