Jumping for the Jumpsuit: Boho Style

There is probably no clothing item that I have admired more on others than an amazing jumpsuit. A great jumpsuit bestows upon the wearer an aura of confidence that may or may not be truly present, however, if the perception is reality then they are halfway there.

I adore the versatility of jumpsuits! They come in a variety of styles – the culotte jumpsuit and the elasticized leg versions are some of my favourites. Jumpsuits make for great building blocks to create unique looks that allow me to use the entire repertoire of my scarf and jacket collections. They also seem to buck the ‘trend oriented’ fashion culture every 6 months; a good jumpsuit works season after season providing a great return on your initial investment.

In this lookbook, I am wearing one of my treasured jumpsuits that I have owned for many years.   As I am travelling in India, I was inspired to create a boho-flavoured jumpsuit look that would incorporate my new scarf and jacket purchase that I made a few days ago. I have added ethnic silver jewellery and a strappy sandal for a stylish ‘lunch with friends’ ensemble.

In my opinion, the key to looking good in a jumpsuit is to find one that fits well.  The fit element is more crucial with jumpsuits than it is with many other garments. I have mentioned the following in a blog 2 years ago and I am mentioning it again. These are the jumpsuit rules that I live by:

  1. If the leg is too long but it looks great – buy it and get it shortened by a tailor.
  2. If the jumpsuit has no sleeves and is too big under the arms and chest area – buy it and get it taken in by a tailor (this is easy to do by hand as well and I often do it myself).
  3. If however, the jumpsuit does not fit well around the waist area or the material pulls between the leg inseam and waist  – let it go it as fixing this is not so easy.
  4. Overall, I have found that if the fit is off on the top half of a jumpsuit – it can usually be fixed. However, if the fit is off between the waist and the bottom half, it’s best to leave it looking pretty on the hanger and ‘jump’ to the next shop.

Some of my personal favourite brands for jumpsuits whose styles and fit always seem to work include Warehouse*, Monki and  Uniqlo.  I hope you enjoyed this look and hopefully, it motivates you to add another jumpsuit or two to your wardrobe. Have a great rest of the week and as always, thank you for reading Isha’s Verdict.

*This was a collaborative post but all writing/opinions are my own

Clothes and accessories:

Jumpsuit – Express

Scarf – Fab India

Shoes – Aldo


Autumn Boho Style: and my Love of Steam Irons

I am a huge fan of boho style – the florals, embroidery, dangly earrings and heaps of bangles – all worn together to create a truly unapologetic feminine style statement. We often associate boho styling with summer, flowy dresses and flowing locks. While a bohemian look works fabulously in the summer, in my opinion, it works equally well in the colder months.

Autumn brings a rich bounty of dark floral dresses to the shops and I think they form the perfect starting point for a great boho outfit. All you need to add is all the other dangly bits and bobs, a great handbag and a pair of boots to complete your moody autumn bohemian look.

Speaking of flowing dresses – there is nothing quite like the pleasure of putting on a recently ironed dress with no creases where the material sways gently as you walk – bliss! This blissful state would not be possible without my other love  – full powered steam generator irons.  The other day I went to get my eyebrows done – as one does when they start to shoot past their pre-set boundaries and take over your face.  The eyebrow lady and I were discussing what household chore we love and hate and we both said at the same time, “I love ironing and I am happy to iron anytime.”  What an amazing coincidence we thought, and decided to delve deeper into our mutual love of ironing.  Lo and behold, we quickly discovered that both she and I use full powered steam generator irons and would rather trade in our husbands before we gave up on the irons! I have been using a powerful steam iron for a few years now and I can truly say that it is among the best household purchase I have ever made.  They are more expensive than normal irons but worth every penny that I have ever spent on them. The creases just fall away and I always end up freshly ironing my clothes whenever I need to as they make the process so very easy and satisfying.

This is not a sponsored post on behalf of any ironing company and I have used multiple brands in the last few years. The eyebrow wonder lady and I were waxing eloquent about these machines and I told her that I owed it to my readers to share our mutual passion with them, in the case that someone had not tried one or was sitting on the fence about purchasing one.  Trust me, ladies, these machines are worth every penny and as Loreal tells us – you are worth it!

I hope you enjoyed this lookbook and I would love to hear your feedback.  As always, thank you for taking the time to read Isha’s Verdict and have a great weekend.

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – Zara

Cape – Ted Baker

Handbag – Coach

Boots – Dune Black


Boho Chic: Fringed Kimono Worn Two Ways

Fashion is ever evolving and that ‘newness factor’ has a distinct attraction.  However, every once in a while I will look at a magazine article displaying the latest trend and think, “This is crazy – how many people are really going to put this on and venture out on the street!”

I must admit that this was my initial reaction to the ‘kimono trend’ when it started a few years ago.  I envisioned myself looking like an extra in an opium den from a B grade Chinese movie, pouring drinks in a velvet fringed kimono!  Then I saw this kimono, tried it on, and loved the floaty feel of the fabric as well as the movement of the fringe when I walked. I decided to be a risk taker and give the trend a chance!  I am so glad that I did because not only does the kimono work with so many outfits but it serves as a great coverup when I am not sure of the weather or temperature at a given destination.

The fashion moral of the story: Like so many things in life, you have to give certain looks a chance to see if they work for you. If you never try new looks, you run the risk of getting stuck in a fashion rut and while personal style is an individual choice, it stills need to grow and evolve to be at the top of its game.

I have styled this kimono with jeans and high heels, as well as with a dress and flats,  to high light the versatility of this kimono.  There are some beautiful kimonos on the market currently and I am hoping to find this one a companion in my wardrobe this season. I hope you enjoyed this look and thank you for visiting my blog.

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(Clothes and Accessories: Kimono – ZARA (very similar – MANGO), White top – Topshop, Dress – H&M, Suede Bag – Elizabeth and James


Boho Beauty: Cold Shoulder Swing Dress With an Embroidered Fringe Bag

You know when you have so many different things to do that you find it hard to concentrate on one task because half your mind is on the next task and half is wondering what to cook for dinner and the other half is hoping the ‘United’ passenger is OK  – making you have a one and a half mind that is still not functioning as well as just one mind should! I blame it on Easter break and having the children at home; if I have to ask them to shut the fridge door one more time I will lose my entire one and a half mind in one go.

Nevertheless, even when all my synapses are firing haphazardlessly, there is always time to talk about clothes.  I love this easy breezy dress and can see myself wearing it all summer long.  It lends itself so effortlessly to a bohemian look and gives me another opportunity to use my Delhi Khan Market vacation purchase fringe bag to great effect.  I have lookbooked this bag previously in this post (Mirror Work ‘Jhola’ Bag: Vacation Finds With Everyday Wear) and to my delight I am discovering just how versatile it is.

I hope you enjoy this look and have a great rest of the week.  Thank you so much for stopping by!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – ASOS, Bracelets – Isharya, Follie Follie)

Supermarket Fashion: Boho Style Embroidered Top With Brogues

It’s that time again – the new harvest crop of summer clothes has arrived in the supermarkets. I have professed my love for supermarket fashion in previous posts and it seems to go from strength to strength each time I pop in to do a shop. Nothing says spring/summer more than boho-inspired clothing on the rails and when I spotted this pretty top at Sainsbury’s, I knew that I had that last bit of space in my trolley for it (OK fine, I admit I visit the clothes section before the food section).

On a different note, I have always enjoyed combining styles that may not be paired together from a conventional fashion point of view.  With this outfit, I think my feminine, pretty top works exceedingly well with my solid, manly black brogues in a ‘fusion fabulous’ sort of way.  I love the frill detail on this denim jacket – it adds a transformational twist to a box standard denim garment that elevates its overall appearance. Last but not least, some chunky silver jewellery is always a great addition to boho inspired styling.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and thank you so much for visiting my blog.

(Clothes and accessories: Top – Tu Clothing (Sainsbury’s), Trousers – H&M, Brogues – Kurt Geiger, Denim Handbag – Christopher Kon, Jacket – ASOS)


Ending The Summer Vacation: In A Blue Embroidered Jacket And Jeans

After many lovely weeks of summer vacation spent with my family in the USA, I am home! In the last few days of my vacation we attended a family wedding.  I met many relatives I had not seen in a while and they were all keen to know what I was doing since our return from India. I was a bit reluctant to talk about the blog as I did not want to be seen as one of those people who only talk about themselves and their latest endeavours.  My brother must have sensed my hesitation and later  gave me a pep talk about how I must tell people about my blog and promote my creativity and hard work.

Landing at Gatwick, it was lovely to see the lush green English countryside and feel a surprising warmth in the air. As I waited in the immigration queue at the airport, I couldn’t wait to get home and have a nice cup of tea.  Finally, it was our turn and we were called up to the desk of the next immigration officer. She checked our passports and then asked the usual questions like where we were coming from and how long we had been out of the country. She then asked me, “What do you do?”

My mind darted back to my brother’s pep talk and suddenly I decided to take the bull by its horns.  “I am a fashion blogger”, I said confidently.  As the officer looked at me (possibly wondering what kind of fashion blogger I was as I looked like I I had stuck my finger in an electric socket), my younger son piped up and said, “that is not a profession mummy, you don’t make any money doing it”.  I looked at his little face, still in shock at his statement, when he continued with his pearls of wisdom for the officer.  ” At the moment, she is a house…house…what do you call that thing – yes she is a house keeper!”

Highly embarrassed, I looked sheepishly at the officer who was trying very hard not to laugh.  “Housewife, housewife – is the word you are looking for darling”, I said wondering what the chances were of the ground opening up and swallowing me  – or preferably him! By now, the officer looked like we had made her day, so I quickly picked up our passports and rushed off mumbling my thank yous.

Once I had retrieved our bags and some of my dignity, I asked him why he thought house wife was a profession as I didn’t recall getting a formal pay check in that line of work either! He didn’t have an answer but I assume he learned the word ‘housewife’ at school. It is now high time for him to return to school and learn that very important lesson of not talking to immigration officers unless he is spoken to!

On a different note, I have definitely been having a ‘jacket moment’ throughout the last few months.  They lend themselves so well to creating an ‘effortlessly chic’ look that works for everyone, from housekeepers to housewives. These ‘boho’ type jackets are perfect for the transitional weather we will experience in the next few months and they add a layer of warmth without suffocating you. They can be paired with so many tops and jeans and I find that they have a synergistic effect in that the sum of the whole outfit is greater than the parts that make it up.

Now that I am back, I am looking forward to ‘lookbooking’ autumn/winter looks as the weather gets colder.  Please do let me know if there is a particular kind of look you would like to see on the blog. As always, thanks for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Jacket – Zara, Top – COS, Jeans – Gap, Sandals – Dolce Vita)



Boho Chic: Ethnic Skirt With A Leather Jacket

A movie night with girlfriends has to be one of my surefire ways of having a great evening!  One such evening, my friends M and F and I decided to go out for chaat followed by a movie in Mumbai.  There was only one new movie out in the theaters called Aashiqui 2.  It had just released and given the lack of choice we decided to go watch it despite having had no word of mouth feedback or reviews. So off we went to a restaurant and gorged on chaat, bhel puri and other delicious fare.  When the meal was finished, the bill was placed in front of me and my friends handed me some cash for their part of the bill. As we continued to talk a mile a minute, my usual forgetfulness reared its ugly face and as I put my hand into my handbag – instead of taking out my share of the money, I put the money  I was holding into my handbag.  A few minutes later we got up and exited the restaurant, on our way to the movie.  Suddenly, the waiter from the restaurant came flying out behind us and said, ‘Madam you need to pay your bill!”

Suffice to say, I realized what I had done and I was so mortified that I kept apologizing to the waiter while my friends had a good laugh at my expense.  Bill paid, we made our way to the movie and sat down with a big box of popcorn because the five-minute walk from one venue to the next had obviously renewed our appetites!

The movie started and between our full bellies, great music, the easy on the eye leading man and our constant chatter, we had a thoroughly fabulous time.  At one point in the movie, during the self-styled rehabilitation of the hero by the heroine (for alcohol addiction), there is a scene where she is washing his hair.  My friend who was looking dreamily at the screen said, ‘I want to do that’.  My other friend looked at her with a straight face and said quizzically, ‘You want to wash his hair’?  This might not sound very funny now but at that moment it was hysterical and we all collapsed in our seats in peels of laughter.   It was a memorable evening and one I always remember fondly where I hear the music of Aashiqui 2.

My aforementioned friend M, always called this skirt ‘My Aashiqui 2 skirt’ as for some reason it reminded her of the clothes that the heroine wore in the movie. I have always enjoyed wearing this boho skirt with a simple t-shirt and thong sandals.  I have added a statement necklace for further ‘boho effect’ and I think the black leather jacket works really well in adding a ‘tougher’ vibe to the overall look.

I hope you enjoy this look and thank you for reading my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Skirt – Cottons (Mumbai), Tshirt – Marks and Spencer, Sandals – Aldo, Necklace – New Look Premium, Leather Jacket – Marks and Spencer)


Bohemian Beauty: Boho Style Tunic Kurta and Cropped Jeans

You know that summer is almost here when every shop you enter is choked full of ethnic inspired bohemian wear. I love everything about this style of clothing – especially the loose fitting silhouettes and the lovely mix of bright colours. A huge part of the appeal with these clothes is that they offer a versatile base to accessorize against. Boho style clothing allows you to bring out all the jewellery that frankly, just would not work with many other styles. Wearing bohemian clothes offers a great opportunity to bring out those dangly earrings and seashell necklaces bought on holidays where you had convinced yourself that when you came home you were going to dress like a different person! If nothing else, you can drape that solitary dupatta that your aunt’s second cousin brought you as a present and voila – you have added a boho element to your outfit. The other great thing about this style is that there is no real need to match – even the most mismatched ensemble seems to ooze a boho chicness. Adding to the positives, is that it looks good on all age groups and works really well with flats – you just really can’t go wrong!

In this post, I thought I would lookbook my first ethnic inspired boho tunic/kurta purchase of the season. I love the colourful work on the yoke and the big balloon sleeves. The white colour will also be perfect to wear in the Californian heat when I visit my family later in the summer. I am also a big fan of the new style of cropped/frayed jeans on the market, which I think work well in creating a layered boho look.

One question that has always perplexed me is that while so many of these ethnic bohemian garments are made in India, it was next to impossible to find many/most of these styles there.  I would love to hear your views on why this may be the case or perhaps I was just not going to the right shops there!

As always, thank you for reading my blog.

(Clothing and Accessories: Kurta Top – Zara, Jeans – H&M, Sandals – Dolce Vita , Earrings – Forever 21, Handbag – Tano )