Soft Winter Colours: With Frayed Denim and a Cozy Knit

During winter, when sunshine is slight and the nights close in early, there seems to be a natural gravitation towards wearing darker colours. Winter colours, such as black, navy and maroon, are lovely colours that add depth and richness to winter clothes. However, there are days when I wake up and really relish the idea of wearing softer winter colours such as cream, grey and fawn.  These colours are lovely in the pale winter sunshine and manage to look cosy and chic at the same time.  Recently, we have had a few gloriously warm days in London for this time of year and I have thoroughly enjoyed wearing these colours as part of my winter wardrobe.

I am a denim fan, and like many of us, cannot imagine what I would wear if my jeans suddenly disappeared! I have been getting more adventurous in my jean choices of late and I love the fraying on this pair. I think high heels are just the lift these jeans need to look their best and I have paired the outfit with my open grey coat (also used in this blog post – ) to add balance to the high heels.  If high heels are not your cup of tea, or your feet tire after a while like me, I think the outfit looks equally good with these warm shearling booties (previously featured in this blog post – ).

On a different note:

Recently, I have been on the hunt for an oversized coat in a vivid colour.  I would consider, pink, red, green or orange as long as it is oversized, lined and in a fabric I like. I have checked online and in various stores but I have had no luck in finding the coat that I have envisioned in my head.  The few that I have found are either out of my price range or not available in my size anymore. Yesterday I went to Oxford Street as I had an important errand to run in the area (OK I really did – one that involved no shopping at all unfortunately). As I walked to my destination, I must have seen at least three women wearing my coat – well their coats but exactly the kind of coats that I am looking for! Am I the only one this happens to or does this happen to you as well?

Hopefully, I will find this dream coat soon.  Thank you for reading and have a fabulous weekend!

(Clothes and Accessories: Sweater – River Island, Frayed Jeans – River Island, High Heeled Shoes – Enzo Angiolini, Handbag – Givenchy, Sleeveless Coat – Marks and Spencer, Shearling Boots – Cole Haan, Bracelet – Michael Kors)



Winter Essentials: Pretty Puffer Jacket and Effective Thermals

The holiday season is upon us! Christmas adverts on TV have started and supermarkets are laden with scrumptious Christmas fare.  I went to the local supermarket to get some bread today and came home with a Reindeer Christmas jumper and a few boxes of mince pies.  Of course, I forgot the bread but perhaps it is time the kids started eating cereal for breakfast!

It is lovely to walk down the street and see the tinsel lined window displays beckoning the Christmas shoppers.  The only down side to this fast-approaching festive frenzy is that soon it is going to get very cold! ‘Proper’ cold (as they say in the UK) where your face freezes, you can’t feel your ears and your hands refuse to function.  When ‘proper’ cold arrives it is time to either purchase or pull out your ‘proper’ jacket and lets face it – this is usually a puffer jacket that is more industrial than it is pretty.   Of course, a ‘proper’ padded jacket is the need of the hour but there is no reason that it cannot be that tad bit more stylish.

This thick puffer jacket has a lovely big black bow at the neck – think Michelin Man with a bow. The bow is pretty, feminine and by puffer jacket standards – over the top.  For all of these reasons, I am thoroughly enjoying wearing it and I am so glad that my best friend insisted that I buy it when I went to visit her in Las Vegas.

I am a huge fan of wearing thermals and find that they are the most effective way for me to feel ‘as snug as a bug’ throughout the day.  I have tried many brands but my personal favorite is the ‘Heattech’ range by Uniqlo. I have been wearing them for many years now and I love the fact that they come in many shapes and sizes so that I can wear warmer ones as the weather gets colder.  This striped full sleeved ‘Ultra Heat Tech’ is my latest purchase and I can see myself using it to help layer so many outfits this winter.

Below, are some padded jackets that I think are lovely. Have a great weekend and thank you so much for reading!

(Clothing and Accessories: Coat – Kate Spade, Boots – Cole Haan, Crossbody Bag (Similar)- Elizabeth and James, Sweater Vest – Uniqlo, Striped Top – Uniqlo (Heattech Extra))

Karen Millen




Fabulous Cold Busters: Cashmere and Shearling

Two materials that I have discovered in the past few years and come to love are cashmere and shearling. Living in a county that is arguably cold more often than not, these materials have proved to be a revelation and paved the way to a toastier me!  Till a few years ago, I had never really given cashmere or shearling a chance.  I had friends who would wax lyrical about these two cold-busting materials and their amazing warmth and softness, but somehow I never paid much attention.  However, I must admit I was instantly hooked when I finally bought my first cashmere jumper!  I  bought a cashmere jumper at TK Maxx (for Americans – TJ Maxx) because it was on sale and I liked the design –  100% cashmere was irrelevant at the time of purchase. However, the first time I wore it, it was like the Gods of warmth were bestowing their treasures upon me!  It was an identical moment of joy when I wore my first pair of pure shearling lined boots.  My feet felt deliciously warm throughout the day and I literally had a hot spring in my step all day! For me, the cashmere was noticeably warmer than my other woolen jumpers and the shearling boots were miles ahead of my other footwear in terms of warmth.

I can honestly say that I have worn two particular cashmere jumpers (the grey one featured in this post and the cream one featured in this previous post ) endlessly this last winter.  These shearling sneakers would rank in my top 10 most warm and comfortable shoes ever as walking in them is like having down pillows wrapped around my feet!

Now summer is around the corner and I am looking forward to significantly less jumper and boot wearing over the next few months.  However, I am going to keep my cashmere jumpers and shearling shoes front and center in my wardrobe for those unexpected chilly days. Cashmere and shearling can be expensive, but in my opinion they have proved to be worth the extra money I might have spent on them. More importantly, these materials can often be significantly cheaper in the sales during the summer months, when we all tend to develop selective amnesia about the cold weather to follow.  My advice –  buy them on sale in the summer and your body will thank you in the winter (at least that’s how I am justifying it to myself)!  As always, thank you for reading and have a lovely weekend.

(Clothes and Accessories: Shearling Sneakers – Cole Haan, Cashmere Sweater – Sofia Casmere, Fringe Scarf – Banana Republic)

One Star Clutch: Two Outfits I Have Been Carrying It With

This oversized ‘starry’ clutch really does put a smile on my face every time I see it in my closet. It makes me feel happy and when I wear it with my ‘starry’ sweater dress I feel ‘star struck’! I love the juxtapositioning of the stars on the bag with the stars on the dress. I also enjoying carrying it with a simple grey sweater dress  – it elevates the look from drab to fab and adds a hint of playfulness to the outfit. Speaking of playfulness, I hope everyone has a fun-filled Easter holiday and thank you for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Sweater Dress – Maison Scotch , Tall Water Proof Boots – Cole Haan, Clutch Bag – TopShop, Greay Sweater Dress – Zara, Short Shearling Boots – Rachel Zoe, Watch – Baume and Mercier)

Supermarket Leather Jacket: Shopping In My Closet

Happy Friday everyone. It is often easy to focus on buying new clothes but I find shopping in my closet can be equally satisfying. While shopping in my closet, I always end up finding something that I have either forgotten about or my inability to pair it with anything has resulted in the item being relegated to the back rails. Well with a new year comes new inspiration, so every once in a while the  forgotten and rejected are given a whole new chance to impress me! Yesterday, I wore this dress from Zara which is a few years old with this jacket that I bought from Tesco over five years ago. I have never worn these two items together before but I loved the result! Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Zara, Leather Jacket – Tesco (F and F Clothing), Leggings – Primark, Boots – Cole Haan, Handbag – Magnus Sisters)