Forever Sarees: Are We Becoming ‘One Trick Pony’ Sari Wearers?

Hello everyone!  This weekend I felt the first hint of a cold undertone in the weather and realized that our summer is slowly coming to an end.  I know we had a few very hot days in London but they were nowhere near enough for me to get my fix of wearing one of my favourite kind of sarees – summer sarees in beautifully light fabrics that are unique in their weaving and cultural significance.

I have always loved Indian summer sarees and I have a hard time passing on ethnic cotton sarees as the colours are so beautiful and the variety is literally endless.  I am really going to show my age here but sometimes I wonder if these beautiful cotton sarees are popular with the younger generation (especially outside India) or is their exposure to them so limited that they are not even in their line of vision?  Often, when we go somewhere, we see a lot of ladies wearing lovely ‘Bollywood inspired’ trendy sarees, which of course are lovely in their own right. However, sometimes it does strike me that everyone is wearing a copy of a similar theme and the sarees are beautiful versions of the same style statement.  When this happens, I do miss seeing a variety in the styles of sarees on display and it is always lovely to see someone wearing a traditional weave or an ultra-modern drape to brighten up the visual landscape of sarees.

I am definitely a ‘vacation shopper’ and I can’t imagine coming back from holiday without some clothing or interiors purchase that is special to the land or country I am visiting.  I guess this is just another form of a shopping addiction and one I admit to wholeheartedly. I bought this beautiful Kasavu saree on a holiday in Kochi a few years ago.  It was excruciating making a decision on the border colour but any combination with cream and black just makes me weak in the knees. I bought my mother a cream with gold/peach border one and I am hoping to ‘borrow’ it in the near future.

I have paired it with one of my favourite black sari blouses (that I have worn with many a saree) and this stunning jewellery set from Heritage Jewellery by Ridhi.  I love the idea of this magnificent jewellery with a traditional cotton handloom saree.  This is a statement necklace that packs a punch and I thoroughly enjoyed wearing the two together for this lookbook.

I hope to fit in a few more summer sarees in the coming month before it is time to pack them away for next year.  I hope you enjoyed this post and as always, thank you for reading Isha’s Verdict. I would love to see pictures of your favourite summer sarees as well! Have a great week ahead.

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All jewellery – Heritage Jewellery by Ridhi (tel:07734 806481), @heritagejewellerybyridhi 

Beauty in Simplicity: Vibrant Cotton Sari

I am constantly amazed at the ability of clothing to evoke strong memories from days and events gone by. I last wore this sari a few years ago in Mumbai. During our five year expat stint in India, our children attended an international school there.  Every year the school held a special day long festival that celebrated the diversity of the many nations that made up the nationality of the students of this school.  On this day, children and parents were encouraged to wear costumes from any country they identified with or one of the many attires that make up the beautiful clothing heritage of their host country, India.  It was a beautifully sunny day and I remember thinking this was the perfect sari to wear to the festival to showcase the beautiful weaves and colours that make up the very foundation of traditional Indian wear.  When I put this on, it reminded me of that lovely day in Mumbai, but more importantly it reminded me of just how relevant the ethos of that festival is in this day and age.  Given the deep divisions we are witnessing in the world today, events that celebrate diversity and impress upon children that the differences between us are not only OK, but are something to be celebrated can only be a good thing!

I loved everything about this sari the moment I laid eyes upon it. I had gone sari shopping with a cousin who was visiting me in Mumbai and it was chaos in the shops as it was pre-Diwali season. As most customers were checking out bling saris given the season, I wandered into the cotton sari section as it seemed rather deserted and the elderly man behind the counter gave me a sweet smile. I spotted the white of the sari and asked to pull it out so I could take a closer look.  The moment he spread the sari out on the counter and I saw the vibrant borders and the gorgeous blouse – I was sold!  The potential purchase became a guarantee when I asked him how much it was and he said, ‘after sale mam – it is only Rs. 3,000’. That seemed like a bargain to me – given that I thought the sari was stunning – and so I ensured that the sweet old man could also say that he had sold something that evening! What can I say – doing good deeds through shopping just comes so naturally to me.

I hope you like this sari as much as I do and thank you so much for reading!  If you enjoy this blog, please do tell your friends and family about it if you think it is something they may like – much appreciated!

On a side note, I won these earrings in Mumbai as best dressed at a ball where the theme was the 1920’s.  I would be happy to share a picture of my outfit from the ball if it would be of interest.