Friendship: Beyond Black and White

It was love at first sight when I saw this outfit! Except it was not in a shop where I could simply purchase it – it was on my friend! I complimented her on the outfit and said, “I really love what you are wearing”, with a pathetic look of longing in my eyes. She smiled and said, “Thanks, why don’t you have it made, I will send it over and you can get it copied.” What a great idea I thought – and so I did. This outfit reminded me of two of life’s truths:

  1. One of the great things about Indian clothes is that you can still get them copied without breaking the bank!
  2. You can always tell a true girlfriend by the fact that she is happy for you to own the same clothes as her!

Thank you M for the outfit (you wear it better than me) and thank you for reading!

(Accessories and Shoes: Earrings – Curio Cottage, Ring – Banana Republic, Shoes – ASOS)