Black Dress Series: Pleated ‘Cold Shoulders’ With Monochrome Accessories

Happy Saturday everyone! I am a fan of black dresses and appreciate that they are a ‘constant star’ in the evening-wear constellation of dresses. Personally, I am thankful for the consistency they provide when I am not sure what to wear to an event; it is harder to wrong with a black dress compared to many others.  What is better than a lovely black dress you ask? A ‘relaxed fit’ lovely black dress that is beautifully designed, easy to move in and a great length.  This ‘cold shoulder’ dress has turned out to be a great purchase and I can see myself wearing it for many years to come.

What is the easiest way to accessorise a black dress that requires no extravagant thought or effort you also ask? In my opinion, it is hard to go wrong with the tried and tested monochrome trend.  Black and white go together like daal and rice! My black and white striped clutch and these black and white sandals are two of most versatile purchases and I have yet to encounter a scenario where I thought they would work and they haven’t.

Have a fabulous weekend and thank you so much for visiting Isha’s Verdict.  If you enjoy my posts, please do share my blog with your family and friends.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – & Other Stories, Clutch Bag – Dune (Similar – ASOS and Coast), Sandals – Primark (Similar – Dune)

Welcoming 2017: In a Pink One Shoulder Dress

It is 2017 and with the new year comes all the hope and possibilities of bettering our own lives and those of others around us.  I have been told that pink, as a colour, denotes love for one self as well as love for others. Therefore, I thought it would be apt to start the new year by ‘lookbooking’ a pink dress in order to symbolize the importance of remembering to love ourselves as well as others this year.

I am a huge fan of this dress – I think it has a simple sophistication that is timeless and it is unapologetically pink! The black and white clutch makes for a striking addition to the dress and the black and white sandals work well to tie the overall look together.  I have a love affair with slingback sandals and I think they are more often than not the ideal shoe for a nice party dress. The best part of this dress – it is 100% wool and the material feels fabulously luxurious.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the love and support you have given ‘Isha’s Verdict’ over the past year and hoping for your continued affection and encouragement in the coming year. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and a very happy new year!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Whistles, Clutch Bag – Dune, Sandals – Reiss)

Cheap and Cheerful: Supermarket Yellow Sweater Dress With a Black Leather Jacket

Hello lovely readers! It has become considerable colder in London during the course of this week and I have decided that the central heating in my house must remain functioning at all times.  My house is like a sauna, my family is wandering around minimally clothed and maximally annoyed but I am in a state of bliss!

Once cold weather arrives, sweater dresses are my favorite alternatives to jeans/trousers.  They are My Siteseasy to wear, keep me warm and there are a multitude of options to choose from. I picked up this solid mustard yellow dress at Sainsbury’s a few weeks ago and I love the pop of colour and sunshine vibes it brings to everyday winter dressing. I have paired it with black boots and a black leather jacket for a great day look.  The jacket is a hybrid leather jacket with a puffer style back and I love the versatility that the unusual style offers.

I went to Sainsbury’s yesterday and they are having a 25% off all Tu clothing (ends 5th December) at the moment. I cannot find this dress on their website anymore but I did see it in store at 50% off the original price making it a great purchase for a tenner!

I hope you enjoy the styling and have a lovely day.  As always, thank you so much for visiting my blog.

(Accessories and Clothes: Sweater Dress – Tu Clothing at Sainsbury’s, Boots – Dune Black, Jacket – Andrew Marc, Handbag – Burberry)





Black Dress Series: Sweater Dress With A Twist

There are so many beautiful black dresses in the black dress universe, but one star that deserves a special mention is the humble black sweater dress.  What it may lack in intricacy, it more than makes up for in practicality. Given my country of residence and my predisposition to feeling cold, it is this very practicality that makes sweater dresses much-loved  garments in my wardrobe. We all tend to repeat certain clothing combinations very often, and pairing a sweater dress with warm leggings and long boots is a combination that works really well for me in the winter and during sudden cold spells in the spring, like the one we had last week.

I love the silhouette of this dress and the sideways high low form elevates the overall look of this sweater dress.  This 100% wool dress has a lovely peplum-like gathered skirt on one side that adds just that right amount of drama to make this dress suitable wear for a variety of occasions. I have worn this dress with a clutch bag to more formal events and with a bigger bag for more casual occasions and it seems to work effortlessly in both scenarios.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great Tuesday!

(Clothing and Accessories: Dress – COS, Boots – Dune Black, Handbag – Burberry)

Current Trends: My Take on Winter Florals

I have it on good authority that we should all be incorporating winter florals into our current wardrobe.  Who constitutes this authority you may ask?  All the various fashion magazines and my favorite – the stylists on day time TV in the UK.  One of the many things I love about UK day time television is that the shows have a fashion feature where the resident or guest stylists discuss current trends and what’s new in the shops and sales. If you happen to be home, it’s like going shopping without having to leave your sitting room or even read a magazine for that matter. I also happen to love winter floral prints so Isha’s Verdict is giving this trend a big stamp of approval! As an aside, I also think this dress is very versatile and would look great in the summer with wedge espadrilles in a casual environment and a beautiful pair of strappy heels for a more formal look. Thank you so much for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – H&M, Vest – Zara, Boots – Dune, Watch – Stuhrling, Bangles – Silver Streak Mumbai, Viva Mumbai)

My Sunday Adventure: Asiana Bridal Show London 2016

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Asiana Bridal Show London 2016.  It was a rainy wet day in London but once inside the bustling show at Lancaster London Hotel, I soon forgot my weather woes and embraced the best elements of wedding shows – beautiful clothes, gorgeous jewellery and yummy treats! The show was vast and featured stalls that encompassed all the various elements a couple planning a wedding could need including wedding insurance by Jaggi and Co. ( The cancellation cover is tailored to protect against perils impacting the whole spectrum of wedding functions including Roka and Sangeet! While ones initial reaction might be to chuckle,  as the lady rightfully said, this could be one of the most important considerations given the amount of money spent at Asian weddings!

I stopped by many stands and had a great time chatting with the numerous exhibitors.  One stand that deserves a special mention was the Kyles Jewellery stand.  I had a pleasurable chat with the very charming founder, Nisha Dadi, who shared with me the fascinating history of their company which was started in Scotland 25 years ago! They had some beautiful pieces of jewellery inspired by Indian designs, all crafted in the UK. I was impressed with their bespoke offerings all involving jewellery with Swarovski elements that can match the exact colour of a bride’s outfit.   Product aside, Nisha was a pleasure to speak with and an outstanding example of professionalism within this ever competitive industry . The other exhibitor that I wanted to mention was the charming young couple who run  Bani had some lovely bridal wear pieces that ranged from simpler silhouettes to heavier outfits to cater to a wide variety of tastes and budgets.  They open their new shop in Southall this month and I wish them the best of luck with their new venture. I also liked the necklaces at Avaaya, which happened to look like the necklace I was wearing!

All credit to Asiana for organizing a fantastic show! My compliments to their friendly and professional staff who were happy to help with any and all inquiries.  The show was a solid production and I had a great time attending it.  In fact, I had such a great time that once home, I  promptly told my husband I wanted to get married again!  Seeing his rather alarmed face, I quickly clarified that I wanted to get married to him again so that I could buy a whole new wedding wardrobe. At this point, he rolled his eyes and walked away. The eternal optimist that I am; I shouted out, ‘We could always renew our vows!”

(My Clothes and Accessories: Tunic Dress – French Connection, Boots – Dune, Handbag – Marc Jacobs, Necklace – Nordstrom Rack, Coat – Uniqlo)

(Exhibitors Mentioned: Kyles Collection –, Bani’s –, Avaaya –

Purple Pleats: Proved Me Wrong!

I have discovered that I don’t like being proven wrong when I am so sure that I am going to be right! The story goes something like this: I went to the store to pick up a pre-ordered sari for my mother.  The sales assistant asked me to wait while he went to retrieve my order. He added that perhaps I would like to browse their new collection while I waited – like I need to be asked! He came back to find me with this outfit in my hand, looking at it quizzically. “You must try that on, it will really suit you”, he said. “I don’t understand this inner top portion – this would look seriously odd on me!”, I said definitively. He insisted that I try it on and so I did. The moment I looked at it in the mirror I loved how the pleated inner shirt and the jacket worked together! “I will take it”, I said sheepishly. “Of course you will”, he said, the epitome of politeness as always, but I could swear I detected a hint of sarcasm in his voice! Thanks for reading.

(Clothes and Accessories: Outfit – Kalki Mumbai, Earrings – Aquamarine, Watch – Skagen, Sandals – Dune)