Diwali 2016: In a Floor Length Floral Indian Gown

My earliest memory (hazy of course) of Diwali is at my maternal grandparents’ home in India. I distinctly remember being in a room, off the main verandah in their house, with all my cousins.  All us girls and boys, of a similar tender age, had devised a game where we were jumping off the main bed onto a smaller bed, which had been placed in front of it. Directly in front of this small bed was a water cooler embedded into the facing wall.  A distinct feature of this water cooler was that it had large handles sticking out of the front to help move the vents in different directions. So there we are – taking turns to jump from one bed to another free-standing bed…before I go any further with this story, a few clarifications may be in order:

1) Where were all the grownups?  I believe they were celebrating Diwali, like many Punjabi families, by playing cards in the main living room. This was before the days when entire generations had fallen prey to perpetual parental guilt and children could be left unsupervised to play among themselves in their own homes.

2) Why were we playing this silly game? – Well, these were also the days before the internet and bored children used their imagination to come up with games that could be potentially dangerous while playing together (yes those were perilous times we lived in!) Luckily,  given a similar situation now, all the children would be glued to their handheld devices, all movement would have seized and hence all physical danger averted.

To continue – as you may have guessed, running and jumping, pushing and shoving, we had worked ourselves up into a frenzied bundle of energy.  Soon enough, one of my cousins jumped onto the smaller bed, the bed moved and he was thrust forward towards the handle jutting out of the cooler.  The handle slashed his head, he was bleeding profusely and in turn, we were bawling loudly.  The adults were duly summoned and pandemonium ensued.  It was Diwali night, doctors were contacted on big red dial phones and he was quickly whisked into a car and taken to hospital.  We were all given a stern talking to and felt terrible about our poor cousin brother’s head.  We waited and eventually the big red dial phone rang again and thank the Gods, he was going to be OK.  He had required stitches but he was doing well and they would all be home soon.  The hospital party returned, dinner was served and soon the shock dissipated into the mountain of delicious food set before us.  Everyone ate, made merry and the children were finally put to bed so that serious ‘teen pati’ could be resumed.

Is this meant to be a Halloween story or a Diwali one?  No, I do not have my stories mixed up and there is a Diwali message here.  The point of this story is that despite the mishap, I have the fondest memories of  that childhood Diwali imprinted in my mind. It is that kind of Diwali I wish for all of us –  a Diwali filled with love and loved ones, heaps of laughter, lots of fun and a little bit of chaos. I hope that you create Diwali memories that remain with you long after 2016 has passed and enrich your life in the way only truly happy moments can.

During my recent trip to Delhi, I had a chance to go to Shapur Jat , an area I have heard much about but not had the chance to visit before.  I loved the various shops that dot the area and it is a great shopping destination for a determined shopper. I found this beautiful floral floor-length outfit at a shop called Kalista. The show-stopping print and elegant cut were right up my alley and I decided to add it to my collection as I did not own anything quite like it.

I hope you like this outfit as much as I do and thank you very much for reading my blog.  Here’s wishing you and your families a fabulous Diwali!

(Clothes and Accessories: Outfit – Kalista (https://www.facebook.com/kalistafashions/) , Bracelet and Rings – Isharya, Earrings – Fab India, Sandals – Dune)




Shopping With A Friend: Floor Length Indian Dress

I am sure the extract from the following conversation will sound familiar to some of you:

The phone rings in Mumbai:

My friend N: Hi Isha, I need to get some clothes for a family wedding. Do you need anything? Would you like to go shopping with me sometime soon?

Me: Me, no nothing at all, but I would be happy to go with you and we can spend some time together.  I am free tomorrow – if you are as well, then let’s go tomorrow.

My friend N: Wonderful, I am as well – let’s do it!

Isha: Great – seen you then!

N and Isha at the shops:

N: Wow – so much choice! So many of the outfits look quite nice but I am not buying anything without trying it on this time.

Isha: Yes you must try it – that’s the only way to know for sure!

N: Look – how about this one?  These floor length things are all the rage!

Isha: Yes that looks nice and look at that back…go try it on.

N: Ok – stand right here! I don’t want to ask that guy who works here to do up my zip!!!

Isha: Hehehe – he will think Christmas has come early!

N goes to try on the outfit and comes out of the fitting room:

N: So, what do you think?

Isha: Wow – it looks absolutely amazing on you! I really really like it.  I think you should buy it!

So what happened?  Turns out that the shop had two of these outfits – one with red in it and one with bluish/green in it.  So N bought the red one and guess who bought the other one?!

Luckily N didn’t mind and I became the owner of a floor length ‘thing’ which I did not have in my wardrobe previously.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great day!

(Clothes: Seasons, Mumbai)