Autumn Approaching: My 5 Point Guide To Better Transitional Dressing

It has been a lovely and warm long weekend and it is easy to forget that summer will soon be over and autumn will approach in all its glory.  As the days get shorter and chillier, this is a great time to talk about improving your ‘transitional dressing’ game between the seasons. I really try to enjoy my wardrobe during this time of year and the following is what I do to maximise my ‘transitional dressing’ style:

  1. Wear my cotton coats, leather jackets, dusters and kimonos for maximum usage: This is a great time to use all those pieces of outwear that you own that may not be warm enough as the year progresses.  A duster or kimono is a great add-on to summery outfits and provide that extra layer without making you too warm.
  2. Wearing short boots with my dresses: This is the perfect time of the year to start wearing your short ankle boots and booties with your outfits.  I love wearing ankle boots with dresses  – it’s a fabulous look that is a ‘transitional dressing’ winner.
  3. Adding knits to my outfits: It is time for the chunky knits to make their debut! A stylish knit over your dress looks great and it is the perfect time for them to shine as they are sufficiently warm for the season and won’t be overshadowed by the big coats that will arrive later.
  4. Wearing jeans and trousers with my dresses: I always try to make my dress-wearing last longer by adding jeans and trousers to them at the end of summer.  Jeans and trousers under your dresses is a current trend so wearing them will show off your fashion prowess and keep you warm at the same time. Let’s face it – I am a bit of a shopper and as I am going to shop anyway, I try and purchase some full sleeve dresses during this time that will look good over trousers in the coming months.
  5. Get my legs out: This is it – the time to get my legs out is now! I try to enjoy wearing my dresses during this transitional time as soon it will be too cold and my legs will go into hibernation till next spring/summer. Therefore,  I work hard to ditch the jeans and enjoy the dresses while I can…

I adore this full sleeve dress that is easy to wear and easy on my pocket.  I have stuck to a completely neutral palette here by pairing it with my pale leather jacket and nude heels.  Finally, I have added a bold cuff to make a statement and I love how the gold pops against the dress. I hope you enjoy this look and have a great week ahead.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog.

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – H&M (£17.99)

Leather Jacket – Massimo Dutti

Clutch – Topshop



Vacation Memories: Of Beachy Outfits And CoverUps

Happy Sunday – I hope that the weekend is treating everyone well! This is my last post on our family vacation to Cabo this summer.  As I indicated in my last two posts – it was a great vacation and we could not have hoped for a better time.  The food, the people and the surroundings – Mexico truly captured our hearts!

I am a fan of maxi dresses in most instances and I really believe that they, along with flat sandals,  should be a staple in everyone’s summer vacation wardrobe. I love this easy breezy maxi dress with bright flowers embroidered on it because it reminds me of nightwear and therefore lots of happy sleep.  I have included some pictures of my mix and match swimwear as I have found this method to be most successful in alleviating the pain of trying to find a coordinated swim suit where both the top and bottom are the same size and cater to only perfectly proportional people! Last but not least, I love this dress/coverup with the intricate bead work on it. It makes for a beautifully versatile coverup that also wells equally well as a tunic over jeans.

Thank you so much for reading and have a great rest of the weekend.

(Clothing and Accessories: White Top – Tu Clothing, Blue Shorts – Tu Clothing, Dress – ASOS Premium, Sandals – Tory Burch, Pink Swim Top – F and F Clothing, Black Coverup – New Look, Beaded Coverup – H &M)




Bohemian Beauty: Boho Style Tunic Kurta and Cropped Jeans

You know that summer is almost here when every shop you enter is choked full of ethnic inspired bohemian wear. I love everything about this style of clothing – especially the loose fitting silhouettes and the lovely mix of bright colours. A huge part of the appeal with these clothes is that they offer a versatile base to accessorize against. Boho style clothing allows you to bring out all the jewellery that frankly, just would not work with many other styles. Wearing bohemian clothes offers a great opportunity to bring out those dangly earrings and seashell necklaces bought on holidays where you had convinced yourself that when you came home you were going to dress like a different person! If nothing else, you can drape that solitary dupatta that your aunt’s second cousin brought you as a present and voila – you have added a boho element to your outfit. The other great thing about this style is that there is no real need to match – even the most mismatched ensemble seems to ooze a boho chicness. Adding to the positives, is that it looks good on all age groups and works really well with flats – you just really can’t go wrong!

In this post, I thought I would lookbook my first ethnic inspired boho tunic/kurta purchase of the season. I love the colourful work on the yoke and the big balloon sleeves. The white colour will also be perfect to wear in the Californian heat when I visit my family later in the summer. I am also a big fan of the new style of cropped/frayed jeans on the market, which I think work well in creating a layered boho look.

One question that has always perplexed me is that while so many of these ethnic bohemian garments are made in India, it was next to impossible to find many/most of these styles there.  I would love to hear your views on why this may be the case or perhaps I was just not going to the right shops there!

As always, thank you for reading my blog.

(Clothing and Accessories: Kurta Top – Zara, Jeans – H&M, Sandals – Dolce Vita , Earrings – Forever 21, Handbag – Tano )