Yellow Sari Love: With a Blue Velvet Blouse and a Grand New Idea

Hello everyone! As I have mentioned many times before, my long held interest in fashion and styling is what gave birth to this blog. Perhaps the aspect that I love most about styling is that the creativity is boundless. There are endless end results to be had, all as unique as the individual who put them together. There are no limitations to the creative side of our brains and i am reminded of this every time I see a person on the street and think, “Wow what a great way to style that outfit – I would have never thought of pairing those items together.”

On this platform, I have always championed that one of the best ways to improve your personal fashion prowess and styling acumen is to observe what others are wearing. For two years now, I have lookbooked styles that I enjoy in my daily life and I have hoped that they have persuaded you to consider new and different styles along the way.

Now, I would love for myself and our other readers to benefit from all of your great styling moments.  I would like to start a section on this blog where we can see pictures of our fellow fashionista readers in outfits that they have styled for themselves.   We can call it the ‘Fabulous Fashionistas Daily Style Lookbook’ or something better. This is how I envisage it working:

  1. Take a picture of yourself in your fabulously styled outfit (all kind of outfits are welcome from casual to formal to ethnic – after all, inspiration comes in many forms)
  2. Please send it to with two or so sentences explaining what you particularly liked about how you put the outfit together – the styling quotient (Feel free to include links to where you bought something  – especially if it is still available to buy).
  3. I will post it in the section and we can all draw inspiration and comment on what we liked about the outfit, the styling and other helpful input. It will be a constantly moving section with new pictures added as they are received.
  4. As all the comments will be moderated by me – no negative comments will be welcomed or published. The idea is to generate a positive and helpful forum at all times.
  5. I will not be sharing the pictures with any other entities.

So there you have it – my idea of a creative way for all of us to inspire each other, improve our styling game and look at fabulous clothes!  I truly believe applying a fashion focused lens to everyday life is the best way to become a better dresser and stylist and I hope this forum will help.

On a different note, I am lookbooking a yellow sari (my favourite colour) with a bling midnight blue velvet blouse with net sleeves.  The absolute truth is that I am not a fan of an overtly blingy look and did not particularly care for the blouse when it first came my way.  I was at a loss of what to wear with it till one fine day, I decided that I needed a sari that would let the blouse dominate but in a colour that could match the boldness of the blouse.  I subsequently paired it with this plain silk shaded yellow saree, and even though I am still not sure what to make of the entire outfit, there is no danger of me blending into the background in this number.

I hope you enjoyed this lookbook (as I almost froze into a popsicle trying to take the pictures) and thank you so much for reading.  I would love to get your feedback on the styling forum idea and even better, your lovely pictures.

The Gift That keeps on Giving: Shopping in my ‘Indian Wardrobe’

I recently pulled this outfit out of my wardrobe and it got me thinking.  When it comes to Indian clothes, I find myself more precious about giving them away.  Having accompanied my husband on a 5-year assignment in Mumbai a few years ago – I have more casual and formal Indian clothes than I probably need. As a result, unfortunately, the less formal ones do not get the repeat wear they deserve.

I have always enjoyed wearing this outfit.  I bought this simple kurta and a set of matching bottoms at Westside in Mumbai many years ago (I love the Zuba brand of clothes in there which are beautifully composed and pocket-friendly).  Both the fabric and the pattern appealed to me and I thought I could match it with a dupatta I already owned. This traditional dupatta was a part of the goodies I received at my ‘mehndi’ when I got married and it has always had that special feel-good factor about it.

Indian outfits can be expensive and range from simple to the most complex of designs and handiwork and who am I kidding – I love them all.  Today, however, I wanted to give a shoutout to those more humble pairings that we all have in our wardrobes and pull out occasionally.  These ‘simpler clothes’ are a great reminder that an effective fashion statement is not dependent on how much money you spend, designer brands or the latest trend. I find that my personal fashion statement is most effective when I like what I have styled, I am comfortable in it and the clothes make me feel happy when I am wearing them. Wearing this outfit again was a great reminder that a simple style statement can be every bit as effective as a more complex one.

I hope you like this ‘lookbook’ and have a great week ahead.  Thank you for reading my blog and please don’t forget to follow it if you enjoy it.


Reminiscing: In a Blue and Cream Embroidered Indian Outfit

Sometimes, we all find ourselves missing places, people and things (basically we all miss nouns). I was looking at these pictures that were taken during my last summer vacation to the USA and I was startled by how much I was missing California, my family and some warm weather. I think my bout of longing was probably brought on by the extremely cold weather we have experienced over the last few days! Subsequently, in an effort to remind myself how much I enjoy living in the UK, I had a slice of Victoria sponge cake.  That worked well so I thought it best to capitalize on the good times and also ate a hot-cross bun. Now I am missing that scone that I do not have in the fridge…

Let me tell you about something else I miss – I miss those fabulous and frequent ‘clothing exhibitions’ that took place during my time in India. Only an approaching fun festival was needed to hold a clothing and accessories exhibition in Mumbai – it was either approaching Diwali, or it was Diwali, or moving swiftly towards Christmas and so it continued; forming a happy circle of clothing exhibitions all year around. I loved attending those exhibitions as there were always a lot of nice things on display and it was a great chance to hang out with friends.  Let’s face it – nothing says ‘amazing time spent with a friend’ quite like sharing a plate of chaat.  I bought this semi-stitched outfit from such an exhibition that I attended in New Delhi with my cousin.

I instantly loved the cream and blue colour combination that allows the beautiful embroidery to stand out and lends the outfit a certain sophistication. Indian clothes so often come in rich colours that sometimes, it is nice to find an outfit that uses a calmer colour palette to make a statement. I also love the versatility of this outfit as it works so well for so many different occasions.

Everyone has a preference as to whether they are more comfortable being over-dressed or under-dressed in a particular situation. Being the most overdressed person in a room fills me with dread – I would much rather be under-dressed then stand out like the only fool who had nothing better to do then get over-dressed! On this issue, I think this outfit strikes the perfect balance of being squarely in the middle on the ‘dressed up scale’.  That is a great achievement and therefore, it has earned its place of pride in my Indian wardrobe.

Have a fabulous Sunday and thank you for visiting my blog.  Make sure you stop by next week as I have some very exciting posts planned!