My Hallway Decor Reveal: Building on Family Heirlooms

Hallways are those communal areas in our homes that are used by everyone in the family but are often ignored in terms of decor and interior styling. Unfortunately, they are often lower in the pecking order of the rooms we focus on and by the time we get to decorating them –  our stamina, money and interest are all severely depleted. They are, however, crucial areas that set the tone for our daily comings and goings and provide valuable wall space for displaying many of our treasures.

I have one such long corridor in my home that leads to various rooms.  It is a constant thoroughfare and I was keen to make it a visually appealing place that displayed some of our valued possessions and also served as a useful storage area for many household items.

Home styling decisions become so much easier when you have a pre-set focal point in terms of a piece that has to be placed in a particular position and then you are forced to design the remaining space around that item. This is exactly what happened in our hallway; we had a large wall hanging textile that had to go in this hallway as it was one of the few walls in my house that provided this amount of continuous space. The piece in question is an antique Punjabi Phulkari Bagh (big shawl) that is often passed down family members especially at weddings as a family heirloom. This particular handwoven piece belonged to my husband’s grandmother and was given to me by my mother-in-law at my wedding. It languished in a cupboard till I decided to have it framed and then everyone loved it (especially my Mother-in-law who hinted that perhaps she should have it back 🙂

Now as many of you may know, I love fusion decor where ethnic and modern elements are juxtapositioned for a unique look that represents our lives and travels and contains elements from a variety of interior styles. While the wall piece is ethnic in nature, I wanted to incorporate a modern and timeless feel to the landing and adjoining corridor.  I decided that the ideal choice was two matching rugs in broad black and white stripes. Stripes rugs are ideal for adding boldness without drama and the stripes are stylish and a great contrast to the wall hanging.

Once I had the decor foundations in place, I added the finishing touches.  I love my old Hindi movie posters along the corridor as they pertain to my children and remind me of our time in Mumbai and my love for Bollywood. In the landing area, I had storage built-in on the top and bottom with a wooden countertop atop the bottom storage cupboards. The black and white terracotta vases are great for flowers in this area and my filigree bowl from Gangtok is ideal for cards and passes we use on a daily basis. Together, they work well with my black and white box alongside the countertop. The top also holds a low lamp for a wonderful glow in the evening and the all-important internet booster.

In the long corridor, I have placed a low-level black metal shelving unit to hold books that always seem to overflow out of my children’s rooms. I have positioned it right under the wall hanging for symmetrical effect; it has also proved to be a great base for my long wooden boat that I bought in Kochi.

As I walk around during the day – the decor of my hallway always puts a smile on my face.  Our home decor should excite and revive us through the day and this bit of interior styling achieves this for me in droves.

I hope you enjoyed this interiors lookbook. If you are looking for help with your interiors styling –  please get in touch.  As always, thank you for reading Isha’s Verdict and have a great rest of the week.












Home Refurbishment Diary Part 2: Hallway and Master Ensuite Bathroom Interior Decor and Design

(Pictures at the bottom of the post)

Many of you who read the blog will be aware that I absolutely love interiors and interior decor; probably as much as I love fashion. Many months ago, I wrote a blog post titled ‘Home Refurbishment Diary: The Start of the Renovations of my New Home’.  We moved home last year and being the interiors junkie that I am, this was a dream project to feed my passion and create a new home space for me and my family.

Now, many months later, the home is taking shape and I have learned so many lessons along the way.  Experience is the greatest educator and my knowledge of many real-life practicalities such as builders, space and budget have increased exponentially. Like fashion, I am a firm believer that gorgeous interiors must also be practical; each item in a house should serve a purpose and enhance the lives of the people who live there.

Many parts of the house are still in the process of coming together – be it physical work or interior decor. However, I am glad to say that there are parts that are almost finished and I am now in a position to share them with you. I am very excited to share two small areas of the house that are more or less complete for now anyway:

The Hallway: This is the hallway that connects the kitchen to the living room.  No structural work was required here but I wanted to achieve maximum storage as it is an extension of the kitchen.  The two doors to the side didn’t present many opportunities as they contain the boiler and electrics within.  Buying a large sideboard was the ideal solution to housing our glassware and bottles collection. It also provided an opportunity to display some of our favourite items; the vivid cow picture is a lithograph we bought during our stay in Mumbai by a Czech artist who used to spend half the year in India.  The lacquered paper mache box is a treasure from Vietnam and perfect for holding my ‘to do and to buy’ lists.  The Japanese whiskey display is a homage to our love for all things Japanese and more accurately to my husband who is a Whisky enthusiast and his knowledge of the subject is extensive. I loved the idea of black leather handles and knobs and have added these to the doors in the area to get a cohesive effect.  One day, I would like to replace the doors into the hallway with glass doors and install wooden blinds in the window but that’s for another time.

The Ensuite Bathroom: This is the ensuite bathroom to the master bedroom, and I have included a ‘before picture’ of the area as well.  We decided to divide the area of the old bathroom into a walk-in closet (I hope to show pictures in a later post) and a smaller ensuite.  As the area has no natural light – I decided to create a comforting sanctuary working with the artificial light available. I love the raw cement look of the wall tiles and I fell in love with the floor tiles when I visited Topps Tiles. Therefore, I decided to pair these tiles together and I love the look they achieve in unison.  I am also an ‘always cold’ person so I wanted to include both underfloor heating and a large radiator so that I could be warm, and have warm towels.  I decided to go all out and buy a large grey/black radiator that would serve as a statement piece. This gorgeous radiator allows the towels to be warmed on the protruding parts and heats up that bathroom like a Swedish Sauna!

I am a huge fan of Crittal style doors and I have seen many a Pinterest picture with gorgeous bathrooms with similar doors.  Unfortunately, anywhere I enquired about these doors responded with an eye-watering price that was way out of my budget.  I finally found someone to make this custom size Crittall style shower door, but I still had to blow my allocated budget.  I have realized that it is only worth blowing your pre-set budget if you really have your heart set on something and in this case, it was worth it. The other item that has proved its worth is the LED lit, time-display, antifog, blue tooth mirror. The light is excellent and the speakers are powerful.  It is wonderful to listen to music when you are having a shower  – until the mirror tells you what time it is!

As there is no natural ventilation in this bathroom – we decided to install two extraction fans (one over the shower and one over the toilet) and this has proved to be a wise decision. I was determined to build maximum storage (both hidden and in view) into this bathroom and the storage on top of the toilet that extends to the ceiling is a handy feature. Combining this with the open shelf storage as well as the under sink storage – I think I have rammed in just about as much storage as possible into a relatively small bathroom.  I do wish there had been the option of a bigger sink but given that we wanted to devote maximum space to the shower enclosure (which we achieved), this was the optimal configuration for the bathroom fittings. This entire space was designed by me to suit my taste, budget and practical needs, and we are very pleased with the results.

Overall, I have learned that there is no substitute for preparation when it comes to creating a space in your house that is to your preferences.  I firmly believe that our home surroundings and internal decor has a huge impact on our mood and our ability to fully relax and enjoy our personal time.  I love nothing more than to look at real-life examples of home decor; so I hope you enjoyed this peek into my personal decor and design choices in these areas.

I am happy to discuss interior projects and design at any time so please feel free to contact me if you are looking to or in the process of designing your own personal space.  Have a great week and thank you so much for visiting Isha’s Verdict.


Home Products

Bluetooth Wall Mirror – Wayfair (Hudson Reed)

Bathroom Wall Tiles  – Topps Tiles (Tekno)

Bathroom Floor tiles – Topps Tiles (Slumber)

Black Leather Door Handle – Amazon (Paja Ascot)

Houzz of 2018 Visit: Interiors Inspiration and My Crittall Style Crush

Happy Tuesday everyone! As many of you are aware from my previous blog posts – I am currently renovating my new abode and therefore, obsessed with all things house and home.  This Sunday gone, I had the opportunity to visit Houzz of 2018.  Houzz of 2018 is a pop-up shop in Soho that is located in a 5-storey townhouse that also happens to be an exhibition space. It is 5 floors of some of the hottest trends in interiors at the moment and each floor is choked full of gorgeous ideas and products that are mostly available to buy.

This kind of exhibition is exactly up my alley so I couldn’t wait to get in there. Each floor is presented as a different part of the house (as the natural layout would be in a townhouse) so that it is possible to view products in their natural settings as they would be placed in a real home.  Each space is well thought out and curated and I appreciated the realistic proportions of many of the rooms.

My favourite part of the house was the master bathroom.  It is a generous space designed  largely as a monochromatic mood board that features many of the current trends in bathroom decor. The double sinks embedded in reclaimed wood and offset by two lovely art-deco light fixtures had me imaginary brushing my teeth and smiling into the round mirror.  The pièce de résistance for me was the shower enclosure composed of Crittall inspired shower panels.  I am a huge fan of the Crittall trend and it is my current interiors crush that refuses to abait. Crittall style are art deco-inspired, metal-framed, casement-style windows and doors that give an industrial look and were first manufactured by the Crittall company in the 1880s. I am determined to incorporate a Crittall style shower door into my bathroom at home, however, I have had no luck so far finding one at a reasonable price.  I have found a few companies that will make shower screens in this style but a shower door that doesn’t cost more than a new kidney – nope!  I am now turning to welding companies to see if they can conjure one up for me and I will keep you posted on my efforts.

The top floor features a Nespresso bar for a well deserved free cup of great coffee (having climbed a whole 5 sets of steps) and my other interiors crush – a living wall.  Looking at this lovely piece of living art has me convinced that I must get one in my enclosed patio.  If anyone knows a reasonable supplier – please send them my way.

It would be remiss of me to write a blog post without a mention of fashion – so here goes.  I love the dramatic look of the buttons on the black jumper I wore to the Houzz of 2018. It is a versatile piece that will work with so many styling options and the best part – it is on sale.  I absolutely adore this coat with the side fastening and leather sleeves from All Saints.  It is achingly cool, surprisingly warm and also on sale – it doesn’t get better than that for me.  Finally, I have accessorized my outfit with my best crossbody bag for a rainy day – my bright pink rubber Hunter bag.  This bag is functional, pretty and makes a bright statement on a dull day – I am so glad it lives in my wardrobe.

If you enjoy interiors and fancy a free look at some great design and products, I highly recommend a visit to the Houzz of 2018.  It is open to all till tomorrow evening at 6:00 pm.  Also, if you have never visited, I suggest a visit as soon as possible – you will not regret it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you so much for visiting my blog.


Houzz of 2018

Till 31 January

19 Greek Street

London W1D 4DT


Clothes and accessories:

Black jumper – Debenhams Studio by Preen – on sale £27.50)

Black Coat – All Saints Milla lea coat – on promo £159.20)

Crossbody bag – Hunter

Boots – Hudson

Iqrup+Ritz: My Kind of Beautiful Furniture

I have mentioned my love of home magazines before – kids in bed, a nice coffee and a stack of home magazines is my idea of bliss! Recently, on a similarly blissful night, I saw a beautiful chair with a camel print featured in a homes magazine that made my heart skip a beat. I could picture two of these lovely chairs in a beautiful conservatory and in my head I was already decorating the conservatory I don’t have (in my defence, I have always wanted a conservatory)!  The chair is made by a company called Iqrup+Ritz, an established design house in India that has recently launched their bespoke line of furniture and furnishings in London.  I had the pleasure of being invited to visit their studio in London and see some of their furniture in situ.

Iqrup+Ritz is a mother and daughter duo, who are taking Iqrup’s wealth of experience gained over three decades of running a well established interiors company in India and applying it to provide high quality pieces, at what many would find a surprisingly accessible price point.  They aim to take classic shapes and styles and bring them up to date with an international influence, that make them perfectly suited for contemporary living. Furthermore, they offer many upholstery options which include fabrics by Indian brand Safomasi, that were gorgeous and right up my alley! It was clear to see that this business is driven by a genuine desire to provide beautiful furniture that is great value and will stand the test of time.

One of the things that struck me about their underlying business philosophy is the pride they take in the skill set of the wonderful craftsmen behind the furniture. Many of their artisans have worked with Iqrup for over 30 years in their workshops. Their pieces are designed in-house and they also choose to work with many design houses around the world that are family-run firms and share a similar work ethic.  An interesting perspective can also be gained from viewing their Instagram feed where they proudly display many lovely pictures of their artisans.  Ritika (Ritz) Dhamijia, is a delightful lady who is clearly very passionate about what she does and may I add she was also a wonderful host and Barista who very kindly offered me a great cappucino.

I took pictures with some of their beautiful pieces and I have added pictures of some of the other items that I that thought were stunning. They also provided me with some of their lookbooks which I have added for your viewing pleasure. I loved many their chairs and top of my lust list is the Gymkhana Arm Chair – a pair of those with a small table in between them would look stunning in a spacious corner. I also loved their Draper Chair – a mid century masterpiece that was a stunning homage to Don Draper from ‘Mad Men’. Iqrup+Ritz also make custom headboards that can be upholstered in your choice of many of the exquisite fabrics they offer. While looking at one of these, I sat down on the exceedingly comfortable bed and soon found that I was ready for a nap in between my lovely surroundings as is evident from the pictures below!

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to their studio and I loved their furniture! Details of their offerings can be found at and they can be reached at + (44) 0208144 6801. I will definitely be paying them another visit soon and I am adding the Puskar Camel fabric covered chair to my conservatory mood board. Isha’s Verdict: A big thumbs up!