My Hallway Decor Reveal: Building on Family Heirlooms

Hallways are those communal areas in our homes that are used by everyone in the family but are often ignored in terms of decor and interior styling. Unfortunately, they are often lower in the pecking order of the rooms we focus on and by the time we get to decorating them –  our stamina, money and interest are all severely depleted. They are, however, crucial areas that set the tone for our daily comings and goings and provide valuable wall space for displaying many of our treasures.

I have one such long corridor in my home that leads to various rooms.  It is a constant thoroughfare and I was keen to make it a visually appealing place that displayed some of our valued possessions and also served as a useful storage area for many household items.

Home styling decisions become so much easier when you have a pre-set focal point in terms of a piece that has to be placed in a particular position and then you are forced to design the remaining space around that item. This is exactly what happened in our hallway; we had a large wall hanging textile that had to go in this hallway as it was one of the few walls in my house that provided this amount of continuous space. The piece in question is an antique Punjabi Phulkari Bagh (big shawl) that is often passed down family members especially at weddings as a family heirloom. This particular handwoven piece belonged to my husband’s grandmother and was given to me by my mother-in-law at my wedding. It languished in a cupboard till I decided to have it framed and then everyone loved it (especially my Mother-in-law who hinted that perhaps she should have it back 🙂

Now as many of you may know, I love fusion decor where ethnic and modern elements are juxtapositioned for a unique look that represents our lives and travels and contains elements from a variety of interior styles. While the wall piece is ethnic in nature, I wanted to incorporate a modern and timeless feel to the landing and adjoining corridor.  I decided that the ideal choice was two matching rugs in broad black and white stripes. Stripes rugs are ideal for adding boldness without drama and the stripes are stylish and a great contrast to the wall hanging.

Once I had the decor foundations in place, I added the finishing touches.  I love my old Hindi movie posters along the corridor as they pertain to my children and remind me of our time in Mumbai and my love for Bollywood. In the landing area, I had storage built-in on the top and bottom with a wooden countertop atop the bottom storage cupboards. The black and white terracotta vases are great for flowers in this area and my filigree bowl from Gangtok is ideal for cards and passes we use on a daily basis. Together, they work well with my black and white box alongside the countertop. The top also holds a low lamp for a wonderful glow in the evening and the all-important internet booster.

In the long corridor, I have placed a low-level black metal shelving unit to hold books that always seem to overflow out of my children’s rooms. I have positioned it right under the wall hanging for symmetrical effect; it has also proved to be a great base for my long wooden boat that I bought in Kochi.

As I walk around during the day – the decor of my hallway always puts a smile on my face.  Our home decor should excite and revive us through the day and this bit of interior styling achieves this for me in droves.

I hope you enjoyed this interiors lookbook. If you are looking for help with your interiors styling –  please get in touch.  As always, thank you for reading Isha’s Verdict and have a great rest of the week.