Autumn Boho Style: and my Love of Steam Irons

I am a huge fan of boho style – the florals, embroidery, dangly earrings and heaps of bangles – all worn together to create a truly unapologetic feminine style statement. We often associate boho styling with summer, flowy dresses and flowing locks. While a bohemian look works fabulously in the summer, in my opinion, it works equally well in the colder months.

Autumn brings a rich bounty of dark floral dresses to the shops and I think they form the perfect starting point for a great boho outfit. All you need to add is all the other dangly bits and bobs, a great handbag and a pair of boots to complete your moody autumn bohemian look.

Speaking of flowing dresses – there is nothing quite like the pleasure of putting on a recently ironed dress with no creases where the material sways gently as you walk – bliss! This blissful state would not be possible without my other love  – full powered steam generator irons.  The other day I went to get my eyebrows done – as one does when they start to shoot past their pre-set boundaries and take over your face.  The eyebrow lady and I were discussing what household chore we love and hate and we both said at the same time, “I love ironing and I am happy to iron anytime.”  What an amazing coincidence we thought, and decided to delve deeper into our mutual love of ironing.  Lo and behold, we quickly discovered that both she and I use full powered steam generator irons and would rather trade in our husbands before we gave up on the irons! I have been using a powerful steam iron for a few years now and I can truly say that it is among the best household purchase I have ever made.  They are more expensive than normal irons but worth every penny that I have ever spent on them. The creases just fall away and I always end up freshly ironing my clothes whenever I need to as they make the process so very easy and satisfying.

This is not a sponsored post on behalf of any ironing company and I have used multiple brands in the last few years. The eyebrow wonder lady and I were waxing eloquent about these machines and I told her that I owed it to my readers to share our mutual passion with them, in the case that someone had not tried one or was sitting on the fence about purchasing one.  Trust me, ladies, these machines are worth every penny and as Loreal tells us – you are worth it!

I hope you enjoyed this lookbook and I would love to hear your feedback.  As always, thank you for taking the time to read Isha’s Verdict and have a great weekend.

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – Zara

Cape – Ted Baker

Handbag – Coach

Boots – Dune Black


One-Shoulder Maxi Dress: With a Statement Necklace

Many years ago, we visited Bali on our honeymoon. My husband and I had never been to Bali before and it was the destination we were both looking forward to the most. We arrived at our resort late at night and it looked so beautiful in the darkness, with small lights glowing in the various cottages dotted around the landscape.  The humidity in the air, the smell of the flowers and the chirping of the crickets all seemed so welcoming as we were led down the winding path to our cottage. Just before we reached our destination, a beautiful woman seemed to miraculously emerge from behind the bushes and  startled us.  “Good evening Mr. and Mrs. Singh”, she said with folded hands, in the most sing-song voice I had ever heard and then silently disappeared into the night again.

For the rest of our stay, every time we would be walking around the resort at night, she seemed to magically appear from behind a bush to greet us.  Just when we were least expecting her, she would be standing before us with folded hands, a lovely smile and her sing-song voice. After a few days, her appearances became a kind of comedy horror show where we found ourselves on the constant lookout for her every time darkness fell. She unnerved me with her silent appearances and equally sudden disappearances. My husband and I came to the conclusion that she either worked very long shifts and appearing silently from behind the bushes was part of her job description or perhaps…just perhaps… she was a figment of our imagination!

For some reason, this one shoulder dress reminds me of her.  Perhaps she was wearing a garment similar to this but for some unexplainable reason every time I put this dress on I feel the urge to fold my hands and say, “Good evening Mr. Singh”, to my husband.  I haven’t jumped out at him from behind the bushes yet but that would be a real laugh! I love the free-flowing nature of this dress and it moves beautifully when I walk.  I have paired it with an ethnic statement necklace that I have lookbooked before (Statement Necklace: With a Peplum Top and a Trench Coat) and I think it is amazing how well the necklace works with two very different outfits.

I bought this dress from H&M last year but I have included some examples below of lovely             one-shoulder dresses that are available now. I hope you enjoy this look and have a fabulous weekend! Thank you so much for reading.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – H&M, Sandals – Payless shoe Source, Necklace – Khan Market (New Delhi)

Massimo Dutti

Vacation Dressing: The Perfect Vacation ‘Statement Split Sleeve’ Dress

Hello everyone and I hope you all had a great long weekend. Summer is the ideal season for wearing pretty dresses and it also happens to be one of the most popular times of the year to take a vacation. I am always on the lookout for at least one ‘easy-going’ summer dress that will not only offer versatile solutions at home but also be a ‘shining star’ of my vacation wardrobe. In my personal experience, going on holiday with children requires some easy ‘throw-on’ options as we are always running to make our tours or bookings.  I often find (much to my amazement) that whenever I am rushing around like a crazy woman, my children seem to miraculously slow down just when I ask them to speed it up!

This dress ticks all the boxes for me to be part of that ‘superstar dress’ category. The flower print is pleasing on the eye and it is a great length without dragging along the floor. Given the design and cut, it  is also a great dress for going  from pool to bar and/or dinner without much fuss.  The beautifully done split sleeves are perfect for ladies who are not keen on exposing the entire expanse of their upper arms.  This is also one of those dresses that I feel looks better with flats than heels and that is always a good thing in my book!

Now, while I do not feel I have many hangups, I must confess that I do have a strong dislike of unironed clothes. Therefore, the best part of this dress is that the material does not seem to wrinkle making it perfect for ‘throwing in the suitcase’ and then ‘throwing it on yourself’. If you are on the lookout for an easy-going dress that can be worn to multiple events – I recommend you check out this dress.

I can just picture myself now, sitting by the pool in this dress with palm trees swaying gently in the wind as I sip on a refreshing drink…OK I might not have an exotic holiday booked but I do have the dress and that is a great start.

Have a fabulous week ahead and thank you so much for visiting my blog!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Warehouse, Sandals – Zara, Clutch – Topshop)

Rust Maxi Dress With An Embroidered Waist: And Braided Hair

My ‘boho-inspired’ love affair continues with this beautiful hi-low maxi dress. For me, the transitional weather heralds the arrival of full sleeve dresses to the forefront of my wardrobe. The appeal of this maxi dress lies in the embroidered waist which adds an unusual detail to the outfit. The high-low hem line and beautiful balloon sleeves further add to the flamboyance of the dress.

I resisted the urge to pair this dress with a fringed handbag as with the braids and tie-up gladiator sandals, I was starting to feel like an ‘extra’ in the movie Benhur!   Instead, I paired the dress  with a cane clutch that was an annual present from my best friend in the USA . Her and I exchange ‘just because’ presents every summer when we meet and this year I received this beautiful bag. This summer I enjoyed a double bonanza, as thanks to her family trip to Lebanon I also received a ‘I went somewhere and therefore I had to buy you something’ present which is another wonderful tradition we have. These lovely two-tone silver earrings that she got me are right up my alley and look great with this dress.

I am a huge fan of braided hair and I love the elaborate braids that I often see around town. Unfortunately, I have no talent when it comes to braiding hair and these two straight-laced braids represent the extent of my abilities.

Have a fabulous weekend and thank you so much for visiting my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – ASOS, Sandals – Zara, Clutch – Michael Kors, Bangles – Curio Cottage Mumbai)


Channeling My Inner Movie Star: In A Bold Floral Maxi Dress

Happy Tuesday everyone! Every once in a while, I am drawn to clothes that are ‘larger than life’. I think a large part of the attraction is the over the top, almost theatrical element that dominates such outfits.  It could be the print, the cut and fall of the outfit or just the over all ‘aura’ of the piece that makes the garment stand out in a crowd of others. These kind of clothes lend themselves perfectly to the quote – ‘Life’s too short to wear boring clothes’ (the quote is attributed to Cushnie et Ochs – an American fashion house).

This ‘maximum’ maxi dress definitely falls into this category of clothing for me. The large black and yellow floral print reminded me of a 1970’s chiffon sari print at first glance. The falling ruffled shoulders, the criss-cross back tie and the flared skirt combine to make it a ‘statement dress’ in the true sense of the word.

This dress is a ‘bit over the top’ and herein lies its charm! It reminded me a bit of a movie star dress and therefore, instead of styling it to take it down a notch, I thought it best not to back down. Sometimes, ‘more is more’ and hence, I forged ahead and paired it with statement black heels, dangling earrings, a gold cuff, a black crocodile clutch and red lipstick.

Given the movie star vibe and my current location in Los Angeles, I decided to have some fun with this dress. It seemed the ideal dress to indulge in some ‘make belief lookbooking’, so I added a ‘statement’ convertible to the dress and drove around taking pictures and getting some odd looks from passersby.

For the sake of clarity, I must stress that I do not normally drive around Los Angeles in a Mercedes convertible, wearing billowing bold floral dresses and  fierce high heels (OK only when I am having lunch with a producer!) However, I must admit I had great fun doing this and I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.

As always, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – ASOS, Earrings – H&M, Shoes – Zara, Clutch – Ted Baker)

Maxi Shirt Dresses: In My Top Favourites

I have ‘maxi’ love for the maxi dress! Maxi dresses are definitely in the top three kind of dresses that I love to wear.  I don’t seem to remember maxi dresses being around much till about ten years ago when they exploded onto the dress scene and soon took their rightful place as a major category of dresses. I remember coming out in a maxi dress in those early years and my husband asking me if I was going to the movies in my night clothes? I was tempted to say yes, as given the movie we were watching the chances of me falling asleep post popcorn were very high!

I enjoy wearing all kind of maxi dresses from casual t-shirt material dresses to fancy evening dresses. I have spoken about my love for shirt dresses before and maxi shirt dresses are just the icing on the cake for me! I loved the bold print on this maxi and the fact that it was a monochrome shirt dress with pockets  – it practically jumped into my basket and sold itself to me! I thought the faces looked a bit Greek so I built on that theme by pairing the dress with gladiator sandals. I am not quite sure where the ancient Greeks stood on denim jackets but nonetheless they are a great coverup in milder weather.

On a different note, I thought it may be useful to provide some links to clothes available in the market that are similar to the silhouette that I am lookbooking in a given post. Therefore, in this post I am including pictures of three other dresses that are currently available in stores. Below are three maxi shirt dresses that I love the look off – do check them out (they will go straight to the site if you click on them). As always, thank you for reading!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Monki ( and ASOS, sandals – Zara, Jacket – Target)


John Lewis
Dorothy Perkins