A Winter Must: The Go Everywhere Black Sweater Dress

We have all been there. You wake up on a freezing winter morning and you need to need to go somewhere; an important meeting at work or an equally important personal meeting and you have no idea what to wear.  You don’t want to go with the tried (tired) and tested ‘black trousers look’ and jeans are out of the question.  To add to your woes, you are not sure how you are feeling about your current body shape (for the record, I am convinced that we all look better than we give our selves credit for) and a form-fitting dress is definitely not up for consideration. Furthermore, it is imperative that you be warm in what you wear as you will be out all day and finally, it needs to work with the coats/bags/accessories/shoes you already have in your closet.

For the record, if it’s going to be public transportation, then it’s a no for me on the heels – the cold makes my feet ache in heels and the thought of tumbling down the escalator on the Victoria Line, at peak time, petrifies me.  You can’t even blame it on a drink at that time in the morning!

The question then is as follows: What do I wear that satisfies all these criteria and still makes me look well turned out for the occasion in question?

The answer: A gently A-lined black merino wool dress that is long sleeved and a midi-length allowing for thick tights and black boots to accompany it.  Other advantages include; a thin wool so that it doesn’t cause to itch all over, a price tag that won’t leave you without food for the next week and it comes in four basic colours.

I have recently purchased this black sweater dress from Uniqlo for all the reasons above.  It’s structure gently glides over my curves without sticking to me and the length is perfect for heels and flats alike. In this week’s lookbook, I have paired it with accessories from my closet to illustrate my point.  in the first look, I have accessorized it with a bold yellow silk scarf, a faux fur-lined sleeveless gilet and a plum coloured handbag.  In the second look, I have paired it with a checked trench and a red handbag.  I am guessing that I will be pairing this dress with something different each time I wear it. That is what I love about these kinds of ‘go anywhere blank canvas’ dresses.  They really do allow for experimentation without the risk of going overboard.

I hope you enjoy these looks and have a great weekend ahead.  If you get a chance, please do follow me on Instagram @ishasverdict.  I am going to be working extra hard on my account in the next few months (‘Isha conquers Insta’ is my new personal goals motto) so your support would be much appreciated.

As always, thank you so much for reading my blog!

Clothes and Accessories: 

Dresses – Uniqlo 

Sleeveless gilet – Zara

Plum handbag – Kate Spade

Red Handbag – Prada

Black Boots – Dune 

Silk Scarf – Uniqlo

Autumn Florals: Celebrating Colour In a Midi Dress and a Pink Coat

I did make the statement in an earlier blog post that one of my fashion resolutions for the coming winter was to wear more colour.  Staying on the path to my style goals, I have purchased a beautiful pink coat that would add colour to any grey day.  A colourful coat is a beacon of cheer on an overcast day (of which many will come) and it is almost impossible not to notice bright outerwear when out and about in the colder months.

A few weeks ago, when I visited the Tate Modern with my family – we were stopped for a security bag check at the door.  The lady asked my husband with a serious face, “Are you carrying any sharp objects?” “Just my brain”, replied my husband with a poker face and then smiled.  She did not smile back.  His response coupled with her completely blank “that’s not funny” face had me and my older child in peels of laughter! The blanking of his joke was funnier than if she had laughed because the situation just organically progressed in a hilarious manner.  In a similar way, I was eager to wear my uber comfortable midi-dress a few days ago and without much thought teamed it with my new coat and snood scarf.  I loved the result of the ‘throwing together’ of colours and textures, proving that sometimes casual last-minute styling works better than a planned outfit.

I love wearing midi dresses with boots in colder weather as tights and a vest underneath ensure warmth and style at the same time.  There are so many beautiful winter floral dresses available at the moment and I have listed a few I like below.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and as always, thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Have a great rest of the week!

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – French Connection (similar)

Snood/Scarf – Reserved

Pink coat – Miss Selfridges

Boots – Massimo Dutti

Bag – Karen Millen

Other floral Dresses in the shops:

Mango Floral Dress
Warehouse Floral Dress
Zara Floral Dress





Green Velvet Dress: From The New Store ‘Reserved’ on Oxford Street

Happy Monday everyone! I had the pleasure of visiting the ‘new kid on the block’ on Oxford Street recently.  The clothing store is called ‘Reserved’ and it occupies a huge storefront in the heart of the shopping street – you really can’t miss it. I had seen it the last time I was there and this time, despite being in a hurry, I just had to go in. Of course, whenever I am in a hurry, I always spot a winner, and then I get further delayed in purchasing it but let’s not focus on the unimportant segment of this tale.

The most important part of this story is that I saw a beautiful green velvet dress hanging on the rails.  You know the kind of dress that is perfect to wear now but will also see you through the entire season and be perfect for those festive parties later in the year?  This was the perfect all-around ‘winter’ dress in the fabric of the moment and I swiftly took it to the counter.

I love the full sleeves on this dress and the peekaboo black lace trimming at the hem adds an opulent touch.  The colour is gorgeous and the midi length is ideal for wearing with boots and heels.  I tried it on at home and my husband commented that the dress was as gorgeous as the women in it. Mr. Singh is a charmer but then he swiftly asked if I would be kind enough to make him a cup of tea! I should have seen that one coming…

My first purchase from ‘Reserved’ is a winner and I will definitely be visiting again.  The lady at the counter told me that it is a Polish brand and currently this is their only store in London.

I hope you enjoy this look as much as I enjoyed wearing it.  I would love some feedback on my blog and thank you so much for taking the time to visit. Have a fabulous week ahead!


Clothes and accessories:

Dress – Reserved (£34.99)

Boots – Forever Unique

Clutch – Ted Baker

Ring – Ishariya

Cape – Ted Baker 



Double Dressed: Summer Midi Dress With a Dress Jacket

I have written about the powerful ability of clothes to evoke memories before. As I advance in years, there are more memories to be evoked; good or bad, nothing takes you back to your childhood faster than your own recollections when you see something that makes an instant connection with the memory bank in your brain.  This red and white dress instantly reminded me of tea towels, bedspreads and sacks that I regularly saw in my early years in India.

The hand-loom sack-like material makes for a lovely summer dress that has an ethnic boho vibe to it. It’s hard to go wrong with red and white and given its relaxed shape, I thought it would make a great addition to my summer wardrobe.  I have paired it with another khaki dress, masquerading as a summer coat, that can easily be worn as a dress once buttoned up.  I love the layering effect of the dress coat and its light construction is ideal for slightly chilly summer evenings.  I have finished off the look with tan shoes and a tan cross body purse that goes with everything. On its next outing, I plan to wear my khaki coat-dress with white sneakers and a colourful bag.

I hope you enjoy this look book and thank you for visiting Isha’s Verdict.  Please recommend your friends and family have a look at my blog if you think it is something they would enjoy!

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – Debenhams (on sale)

Coat Dress – Zara

Handbag – Rebecca Minkoff

Sunglasses – Dior


In Attendance At Wimbledon 2017: In a Floral Midi Dress and Classic Sandals

Sometimes we all get lucky! This Saturday gone, my husband and I were lucky enough to be able to get fantastic seats for Centre Court for the Women’s Singles Finals match at Wimbledon 2017.  I have been fortunate enough to watch a semi-finals match at Wimbledon many years ago with my father and once again, attending Wimbledon this year proved to be a delight.

Centre Court was a lovely place to spend Saturday afternoon and after a lovely lunch we proceeded to our seats for the match. Celebrity spotting is an important tradition at Centre Court (it is when I watching on TV anyways) and my first celebrity sighting of the day was Mr. Hugh Grant. Watching the 37-year-old Venus Williams battle the 23-year-old Garbine Muguruza was a privilege – the power and strength of these women’s game is truly astounding. Seeing the young Spaniard glowing in victory and the seasoned champion so gracious in defeat brought a tear to my eye.

Of course, no such outing can be planned without me thinking , “what should I wear?”, at some point preceding the event. My philosophy is to keep it simple, classic and comfortable for events that require moving around and therefore, I chose a pretty button down floral dress for the day. Additionally, I lack the required skills to walk around in high heels all day ( and would not recommend them for Wimbledon) and matched my dress with a pair of  low-heeled black sandals.  I love the design of these classic single strap sandals as they always seem to work and never seem to go out of fashion. Finally, I finished off the look with my pale blue rimmed sunglasses that are my absolute favourite at the moment.

I would throughly recommend attending Wimbledon at least once to everybody – even if tennis is not your game and you do not have tickets for a specific match.  The atmosphere and excitement at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club is infectious.  The pomp and pageantry, the strawberries and Pimms and the breathtaking flower arrangements all contribute to making it the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and have a great week ahead!

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – French Connection

Sandals – Aldo 

Handbag – Modalu

Sunglasses – Tiffany & Co.

Quirky Summery Prints: Midi Dress and Wedge Sandals

Hello everyone! I am currently going through the process of unpacking and I think the boxes are getting the better of me.  I have found that despite my best efforts, my packing organisational skills are not ‘as boss’ as I had previously imagined them to be.  The first twenty boxes were labelled accurately with the contents contained and I was impressed with my attention to detail. However, after the first twenty, I must have been tired because the labelling thereafter has proved to be vague and unhelpful.  I am currently staring at a pile of boxes I have titled, ‘Things I may or may not need’. I have no idea what I was thinking when I labeled these – things I may or may not need could be most items found in a house! Plus, my needs often differ by the hour so unfortunately my labelling prowess is leaving much to be desired.  Perhaps, it may be best for me to move on to the next pile…

I have managed to find this dress in the box titled, ‘Current favourite dresses’ and I am so glad I did. I have always been a huge fan of interesting prints and I think they add an exciting flavour to clothes. This quirky fish and coral print is right up my street and so apt for summer.  I love a full sleeved dress in a London summer because the sleeves often eliminate the need to carry a light jacket into the evening. This draw string dress is easy to wear and made of a lovely soft material that is cooling and fuss free. I have paired the dress with one of my favourite pair of wedges and a lovely ‘summer colour’ leather jacket.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and have a great week ahead.  As always, thank you so much for reading my blog.

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – And Other Stories (Similar) also (similar)

Leather Jacket – Massimo Dutti (similar)

Cross body Bag – Karen Millen

Wedges – Tory Burch

Relaxed Chic: In a Long Sleeved Midi Dress and Boots

What exactly is a relaxed look? In my opinion, it is one in which I don’t feel tense, self conscious or uncomfortable. Technically, this definition would encompass a variety of outfits, including one’s night clothes.  Perhaps it is the need for women to feel relaxed in their clothes that has resulted in the ‘pyjama look’ trend that is sweeping the high street. I am a sucker for a relaxed outfit that’s easy to wear all day long. While circumstances dictate that relaxed attire is not always appropriate,  it is crucial when you are having ‘one of those days’! We have all had ‘one of those days’, when the mirror is being decidedly difficult by portraying an image that is not to our liking, we have had a bad night with the children or we just feel bloated. On these days, it becomes really important to be able to wear clothes that are going to provide a ‘cloak of comfort’ all day long, whether at work or at play. So what is one way of achieving this without compromising on style?

When I am having ‘one of those days’, one of my go-to garments is a long-sleeved midi dress.  These dresses tick all the boxes for me in terms of comfort, versatility and style.  The gentle drape of these dresses help hides various lumps and bumps, imagined or real. The length of these dresses is flattering and the long sleeves help keep in the warmth. Finally, these dresses work well with a variety of shoes including boots, flats and heels.

I love the tiger print on this dress and the fabric belt is a great help in sculpting the waist. I have paired the dress with boots in a similar shade to allow the aubergine bag to stand out against the dress. Finally, I have added a quirky coat that always seems to work when none of my other coats suffice!

Below are some midi dresses that I like the look of. I hope you enjoy this look and thank you so much for reading.

french-connection relaxed
French Connection






(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – And Other Stories, Boots – Marks and Spencer, Handbag – Kate Spade, Coat – French connection (this is a similar one), Ring and Bangle – Ishariya)