Seriously Boho Summer Ahead: Cotton Dresses, Silver Jewellery and Trainers

The weather has been teasing us; giving us glimpses of cotton candy clouds nestled against a blue sky and then back to rain-soaked gloomy days that try your patience in the worst possible way. Its a losing battle for the weather and soon it will have to give in to the impending summer that is fast approaching – or so I fervently hope!

On the few sunny days we have had so far, I am finding myself increasingly drawn to relax fit cotton dresses, my stash of ethnic Indian silver jewellery and my collection of converse trainers.  Relaxed fit clothing is not everybody’s cup of tea; I, however, am a sucker for a relaxed outfit that’s easy to wear all day long.

I normally refrain from commenting on movie stars in my blog but I am going to make an exception today.  Let’s talk Sonam Kapoor; I know many consider Sonam Kapoor a bona fide fashionista and others vehemently disagree.  Overall, I am a fan of her personal fashion statement and styling choices.  Sure she gets it wrong sometimes, but honestly who doesn’t! One of the reasons I am a fan is because way back in the day, I found her to be one of the few mainstream actresses who was happy to step out and make a statement in fashionable relaxed clothing (and champion other styles I love like brogues) and didn’t always feel the need to be seen in figure-hugging clothes at all times like many others.  I appreciated her diverse approach to clothing (it was a breath of fresh air)  and how she was able to oscillate between a variety of styles and have some fun with fashion.  For this versatility alone – I am in the fan club camp and always look forward to seeing her fashion choices.

I have already seen quite a few relaxed summer dresses that I have my eye on and I think the battle this summer may be to refrain from buying any more.  Ironically, perhaps, some more shapely dresses need to make it into my wardrobe this summer.  Below I am wearing two relaxed fit dresses that I have purchased recently.  The first dress is a relaxed Midi dress from Zara with a linen scarf and silver converse sneakers. The second dress is a striped cotton dress from Uniqlo – they always do great fuss-free summer cotton dresses and I buy one at least one every year. I have paired it with my beloved yellow converse sneakers for a pop of colour.

These relaxed fit dresses will be a summer staple as soon as summer actually arrives! How do you feel about relaxed fit wear – do you loathe it, like it or love it like me? Have a great weekend and hopefully the sun will be out soon.  Thank you so much for reading Isha’s Verdict.

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress 2 – Uniqlo 

Dress 1 – Zara

Blue Handbag – All Saints 

Glasses – Tory Burch 

Trainers – Converse 

Scarf – Massimo Dutti 

A Fabulous Winter/Summer Dress: And My Current Favourite Bakeries

Greetings everyone.  A few weeks ago, my husband and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.  As my brother-in-law said, “You get less for murder”.To celebrate the best decision we ever made, we decided to go out and do what we do best; eat and drink.

As we decided to approach our ultimate destination on foot, the starting point for an outfit decision were comfortable flat shoes. I accompanied my flat boots with an easy-breezy dress by All Saints.  This really is a fabulously versatile winter/summer dress, as I have currently paired it with a sparkly polo top for warmth, and in the summer I can dispose of the undershirt and replace the boots with nice sandals.  This dress is flowly in all the right places, and the front tie can be tied or left open. I finished off the look with a crossbody bag for ease of movement and my trusty leather jacket (and a black coat on top for extra warmth).

We have a lovely evening and it was a great reminder that the best things in life are the people that surround us. Speaking of lovely things – let’s talk about my current sugar crushes.  I am a legendary consumer of baked goods and I am constantly exploring the fares of various bakeries around town. An oldie but goody that I have recently rediscovered is Gail’s.  Their cherry and dark chocolate scones and petite honey cakes are amazing. The olive bread with big chunky olives and their garlic bread with big chunky pieces of garlic are must eats and last but not least I can’t seem to get enough of their toasted turkey and cheese sandwich with spicy mayo.

The other bakery that is a current favourite is Ottolenghi.  Their lemon and blueberry cake is amazing in that both flavours come through distinctly and create a magnificent symphony in your mouth.  The flourless chocolate and coconut cakes are equally amazing in their own right.

I hope you have a sweet rest of the week.  Thank you so much for visiting isha’s Verdict.

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – All Saints and All Saints  

Sparkle Polo Neck Top: Warehouse

Cross Body Bag: Yves Saint Laurent

Boots: Massimo Dutti

Leather Jacket: Massimo Dutti


Sweater Dress Love: With Knee-high Boots and a Kashmiri Shawl

Happy Halloween readers – unfortunately, I don’t have a costume to share today and hopefully, you don’t think this outfit is intended to be one.

It is getting cold in this part of the world and one can be forgiven for wanting to wear trousers/jeans for the entire season. Staying warm is the rightful priority in this weather and the idea of wearing a dress can be rather off-putting on a cold day.  This is where the genius of the sweater dress comes into play!

I find sweater dresses the easiest way to break the monopoly of the trousers in the winter and their versatility deserves a hearty applause.  A warm sweater dress, with cozy leggings underneath and knee-high boots is a great winter look that never leaves me feeling cold and miserable.  Sweater dresses provide a fabulous blank canvas to show off your accessories like a beautiful shawl or scarf.

This lambswool blend olive-green dress from Uniqlo ticks all the required boxes! I love the colour, the length and the material is warm and stretchy without clinging to your body.  It is a beautiful neutral dress that can be accessorized with most things in my closet and at £29 it won’t break the bank either.  I have paired it with stunning hand embroidered Pashmina shawl from Kashmir and my newly purchased pink coat.  Flat tan boots and a small crossbody bag are all that’s required for a look that can be worn to the office, to meet friends or to wander around on the weekend.

I hope you enjoy this look and have a great day with lots of sweet indulgences.  Check out my Instagram feed for my Halloween inspired outfit for the day.  As always, thank you so much for reading my blog!


Clothes and Accessories:

Sweater dress – Uniqlo 

Pink coat – Miss Selfridge

Boots – Massimo Dutti, similar Office

Weekend Casual: In a Ribboned Sweatshirt and Wide-Legged Pleated Trousers

Recently, I have been disappointed with my eating choices.  I have a sweet tooth and I like caffeine; bringing them together in that masterpiece combination called  ‘coffee and cake’ is my idea of food heaven! However, I am fully aware that sugar and caffeine in large quantities are not good for my health.  Everything in moderation is a mantra that works relatively well for me but every once in a while I find myself drifting further from that median into a far right of center ‘processed food haven’. That every once in a while happens to be now!

So just as I have been contemplating various ways to make the shift towards a healthier diet with more fruits and vegetables comes the news that ‘ten a day’ is the new recommendation for prolonging life.  So I have decided that I am going to embrace this recommendation full on and so is the entire family (whether they like it or not).  Why aim for the five a day, which I was not reaching successfully, when I can eat so many fruit and vegetables that I will have no room left for cookies and cake!

I started the new regime with my younger child,when I served him a  pear cut-up in four pieces with his usual breakfast yesterday morning.  “What’s this?”, he said, looking a bit horrified.  ‘It’s the start of the ‘ten a-day’ I said, confidently. “That is the new recommendation by the government and we are going to follow it, so please eat it all”. I wandered off and when I returned with an orange in hand, I asked if he had finished it.  “Sure thing Mummy”, he said. “That’s four out of the ten done for me!”  Well that is one way of approaching it I thought; as I ate the tenth segment of my orange…. On a serious note, I am going to try and eat the ‘ten a day’ honestly and without fail.  In the meanwhile, I am going to look up that recipe for beetroot brownies because it’s Saturday and it is best not to be too hard on yourself on the weekend.

Long lazy weekends wearing comfortable clothes are the best!  I find that choosing relaxed weekend clothing with that ‘x factor’, that differentiates style from simplicity, is a great way to look and feel good on your days off.  I love the relaxed vibe of these  pleated wide-legged trousers.  I have paired them with a simple grey sweatshirt with a difference; the ribbon detail on the sweatshirt provides an edge over being an ordinary grey sweatshirt. I have also paired them with a loose floral blouse with a tie-bow in the back that adds a dramatic flair to the outfit. Finally, my cosy pink coat is the perfect loose-fitting outerwear option for a relaxed weekend look.

I hope you enjoy these looks and have a fabulous weekend.  Thank you for visiting my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Pleated Trousers – H&M, Ribbon Sweatshirt – ASOS, Floral blouse – Zara, Flatform Shoes – Carvela Kurt Geiger, Handbag – Marc Jacobs, Rubber Strap Watch – Stuhrling , Coat – Marks and Spencer)