From Personal Experience: A Perfect Personalised Present For Every Member of The Family

It’s the first of December today and Christmas Day 2017 is now 24 days away.  Regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas for religious purposes or from a cultural perspective, Christmas presents are one of the great joys of this time of the year.

I found that it was easy to shop for my boys when they were very young but it has become progressively harder as they have grown. Of course gift cards are an option, but to be honest it’s hard to be enthusiastic about handing over another voucher that will be put in a drawer – never to be found when needed, for all eternity (Seriously, are we the only family who can never find their vouchers when we need them?).

This is why, when I recently walked into the Superga shop on Carnaby Street, I was blown away by their shoe personalization service. They have an artist seated at the front of the store with art supplies and she will custom paint any design you want on your new Superga trainers! She had a few beautiful designs on display (they really need to be seen to be believed) but I was not limited to those designs – I just had to show her what I wanted and she was happy to paint it on the shoe for me.

I have always been a fan of Superga shoes and with the variety of trainers they offer – it is easy to find something for so many people on your list. It so happened that my visit to Superga fell on my birthday, so it seemed only right to treat myself to a new pair of shoes. Surprisingly, my older son who normally has only a passing interest in shoes also expressed a desire to get a personalized pair!

The painting can only be done on their range of canvas shoes (of which there are plenty) and not on their leather trainers.  The shoes are completely washable and they gave me directions on the best way to do so. I asked how much it would cost before she started painting and I paid £15 per pair of shoes (for both feet to be painted). I couldn’t wait for the painting to be finished but they were more than happy for me to come back later to collect them.

They also offer this service at many of their other branches – please check their website for locations.  Also, for those of you who may not have a store near you – I am sure if you called and asked if they could receive your design digitally and then mail the shoes to you – they would let you know if that may be possible.

I love that the personalization possibilities are endless with these shoes  – making them the perfect personalized present for any member of the family! Today’s lookbook features pictures of our new personalized Superga trainers and I hope you like them as much as I do. As always, thank you so much for visiting my blog.

On a separate note, I have added a small section in the sidebar called ‘Deal of the Day’.  As I am a devoted internet shopper and encounter great deals on a daily basis – I thought I would share them with you in case they were of interest.  My plan is to update this deal on a regular basis so do check the section whenever you visit. Just click the picture to take you to the great deal that I may have spotted on my travels through the internet world.

Clothes and accessories:

Shoes – Superga

Dress – Reserved, similar – Reserved

Handbag – Salvatore Ferragamo

Sunglasses – Tom Ford

Jacket – Marks and Spencer




All Shapes Staple: Floral Swing Dress With a Cropped Coat

Happy Tuesday everyone! We are all aware that women come in various natural shapes (so natural that many are fruit-based such as pear and apple) and there are many guides available on how to best dress to enhance your personal shape and form.

In my opinion, there are a variety of styling tips and techniques that really do work in helping to showcase our individual body shape in the most flattering way possible.  The most important lesson I have learned over the years is that learning what not to wear is even more important than figuring out what to wear.  Certain styles are completely unforgiving on certain body shapes and once you can figure out what does not work  – you are more than halfway there!

The good news is that certain shapes work well on most body shapes and the swing dress is one of them. There is a uniquely feminine quality about a dress that moves with ease around your body and the swing dress is one of my all-time favourites.

I love the bold floral print on this dress and orange and blue is a great winter combination. The orange crop coat provides balance to the swing and the vivid pop of colour helps the outfit truly standout.  I am a huge fan of this beautiful leather satchel and the leather only seems to get better with age and wear.  I wasn’t sure how often I would wear blue suede boots and an orange coat when I bought these items, however, I am constantly astounded by how easy it is to incorporate colour into my winter wardrobe now that I am making an effort to do so.

I hope you enjoy this styling and thank you so much for reading my blog.  Have a great week ahead!

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress –  ASOS (Traffic People)

Satchel Bag – Dooney and Burke

Blue boots – Charles and David, Similar – Zara

Orange Coat – Therapy, Similar – Mango





Sweater Dress Love: With Knee-high Boots and a Kashmiri Shawl

Happy Halloween readers – unfortunately, I don’t have a costume to share today and hopefully, you don’t think this outfit is intended to be one.

It is getting cold in this part of the world and one can be forgiven for wanting to wear trousers/jeans for the entire season. Staying warm is the rightful priority in this weather and the idea of wearing a dress can be rather off-putting on a cold day.  This is where the genius of the sweater dress comes into play!

I find sweater dresses the easiest way to break the monopoly of the trousers in the winter and their versatility deserves a hearty applause.  A warm sweater dress, with cozy leggings underneath and knee-high boots is a great winter look that never leaves me feeling cold and miserable.  Sweater dresses provide a fabulous blank canvas to show off your accessories like a beautiful shawl or scarf.

This lambswool blend olive-green dress from Uniqlo ticks all the required boxes! I love the colour, the length and the material is warm and stretchy without clinging to your body.  It is a beautiful neutral dress that can be accessorized with most things in my closet and at £29 it won’t break the bank either.  I have paired it with stunning hand embroidered Pashmina shawl from Kashmir and my newly purchased pink coat.  Flat tan boots and a small crossbody bag are all that’s required for a look that can be worn to the office, to meet friends or to wander around on the weekend.

I hope you enjoy this look and have a great day with lots of sweet indulgences.  Check out my Instagram feed for my Halloween inspired outfit for the day.  As always, thank you so much for reading my blog!


Clothes and Accessories:

Sweater dress – Uniqlo 

Pink coat – Miss Selfridge

Boots – Massimo Dutti, similar Office

Sweatshirt Crush: Why You Need a Few Sweatshirts in Your Wardrobe Now

Happy Saturday everyone! We are on our way to a cooling of temperatures in London and soon a long-sleeved garment is going to become a necessity when out and about (except for my younger one who thinks we live in Sub Saharan Africa given his choice of clothing).

Personally, I am a huge fan of sweatshirts and I find them to be a great choice for weekends when I am generally ‘running around’ and comfort is paramount.  I find that sweatshirts send a unique ‘cool casual’ message, regardless of age, that has global appeal. They also lend themselves particularly well as a blank canvas for quirky or serious messages that you may want to broadcast in a way that a sweater just can’t.

I always find myself reaching for a sweatshirt when I have to run off in a hurry (which happens more often than it should) and I love them wearing them with jeans, trousers and skirts.  This blue oversized hoodie that cost £12 has gotten more wear in the past few days than many of my clothes in the last year. That is what I call a successful purchase!

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and these pictures where I have tried to insert myself into a poster on the wall. Have a fabulous weekend and thank you so much for visiting my blog!


Clothes and Accessories:

Sweatshirt – Matalan

Jeans – (very old) Matalan, similar – Zara

Sneakers – Salvatore Ferragamo

Handbag – Longchamp

Sunglasses – Bobbi Brown


These are some other sweatshirts I would love to own:

River Island
Monki Sweatshirt
House of fraser
John Lewis Sweatshirt

My 100th Blog Post As An Over Forty Fashion Blogger: ‘Rescue Mission’ Vintage Blouse

This is my 100th blog post.  I must admit, I have surpassed my own expectations of my ability to maintain the consistency of my postings. Procrastination has been a lifelong uninvited companion and I was not sure at the start of this blogging endeavor if I would be able to escape its evil clutches on my time management skills. After some prolonged self analysis (approximately 5 minutes as I have children),  I realized why I have been able to reach this 100th post without much agony and drama.  It’s as simple as it sounds –  when you are enjoying what you do it really does become easier to continue.  I thoroughly enjoy fashion and doing this blog has been a pleasure and a fabulous learning experience.

So what have I learned from doing the previous 99 posts?  Below are the top five observations I have made since I decided to become an over forty fashion blogger:

  1. Fashion is not an age dependent variable but rather an age independent constant.  Age has definitely not diminished my passion for fashion.  If anything, it has honed my fashion sensibilities and I have a much better idea of what I enjoy wearing today than I ever did 20 years ago.
  2. Fashion blogging is great fun – I am spending more money on clothes than ever before but apparently as long as I turn my purchases into content – I am doing something worthy and deserving of kudos! Long may it continue…
  3. I have gone through more makeup in creating these 100 posts than I went thorough in my entire life before becoming a fashion blogger.  As a result, I am discovering the art of makeup, being exposed to new weird and wonderful products and I have a new found respect for makeup artists!
  4. 2016 is truly a great time to be a woman.  I can be a professional, a wife, a parent, a daughter and an over forty blogger all at once. I am not sure any generation previously was afforded the opportunities and support that is available to women in our generation.
  5. I own clothes that are older than some of the younger fashion bloggers that I follow. Clothes, like life, really do come full circle.

Today, I am lookbooking a different kind of rescue mission outfit.  We were visiting  one of husband’s favorite cousins in Kolkata and knowing me as well as she does – she took me shopping.  After exploring some beautiful sari shops we ended up at a lovely clothes and fabric shop as the last stop of the day.  As I wandered around the shop aimlessly,  I spotted a large basket in the corner with some lovely fabrics nestled in its confines.  Upon closer inspection, the basket contained some beautiful old blouses that were unlike anything I had owned before.  I inquired about them and the shop assistant told me that they were vintage blouses that they had acquired and more importantly, they were for sale.  Given the ridiculously cheap price tag on these items, I had to have them and I bought two of the lovely pieces immediately. After a good dry cleaning, I asked my mother on her next trip to India to get me a lehenga made to wear with this ‘rescue mission’ vintage blouse.  This is the creation she came back with and it surpassed my expectations! I love the simplicity and colour of this outfit. The crowning touch of the ensemble is the border of the lehenga that she has added to the back of the blouse to create a back strap and visually tie the outfit together. I wore this outfit to a sangeet (wedding function) recently and I received many compliments on this blouse that I rescued from the obscurity of the corner basket in that shop in Kolkata.

I hope you enjoy this look and thank you for so much reading.  I also wanted to extend a big thank you for the support that you have provided in helping me reach my 100th post on Isha’s Verdict.