Summer Prints: Quintessential Sunshine Dresses

Hello everyone – it has been patchy but I am all geared up to be back with a bang.  This forty-something fashion enthusiast has finally resolved her time management problems – quite simply by just deciding that some things will have to wait.  This blog has been a labour of love for two years and it has been good for my soul – I am hopeful that this break will not be repeated soon.

One thing, however, is for certain – we will not be hearing this autumn that London did not see a proper summer!  It’s been a summer on steroids in the English capital and I have never seen so much positivity and animosity expressed towards the same weather pattern by disparate individuals.  It has been hot, hot and hot in a way that I cannot remember since I moved to London almost two decades ago.  The full-blown summer had been a great incentive for everyone to get out all their summer clothes and I have never enjoyed so much summer fashion on display in the capital as I have this year.

Summer dresses are my favourite summer fashion statement! Nothing says summer quite like brightly coloured dresses with gorgeous prints. I often find myself at Victoria Station and as may be evident by now – I can shop anywhere. I bought both these gorgeous dresses from the JOY shop at the station.  Yellow is my favourite colour and I knew I would not be catching my intended train when I saw this gorgeous floral number in the window.  A week later, I went into the shop again only to exit with this lovely fruit printed pink dress – the colour and the flared skirt are right up my alley. These summery dresses work so well with wedge heels and flats and I find that wearing these cheerful prints puts a smile on my face and spring in my step.

My message of the day – soon summer will be on its way out and a chill in the air will herald the arrival of fall.  Therefore, even when you are roasting in the heat for the next two days  – enjoy it because soon the heat will be gone and you will remember it so fondly on a cold and rainy autumn day in London!

I would love some feedback on the blog and what you would like me to feature in the near future.  As always, thank you for reading my blog and have a great week ahead.

Clothes and accessories:

Yellow sunflower dress – JOY

Pink fruit dress – JOY

Clutch – Michael Kors

Wedges – Coach 

By The River: In a Cosy Oversized Coat and Faux Fur Boots

It turns out that yesterday was ‘Blue Monday’, supposedly the most depressing Monday of the year.  Apparently – rain, debt and divorce contribute to giving it this dispiriting title and an actual mathematical equation can be used to determine it. Well, of course I was not aware of this when I awoke with my usual cheerful disposition. I then happened to catch this nugget of information on the TV as I was going about my morning duties. Subsequently, I burnt my toast and spilled the tea. I then realized that it was raining outside and I was no longer in the mood to get any of my chores done. As the day progressed, I stared at my list of ‘to do’ things without doing anything and cursed the weather, the computer and the dryer in turn.  Upon deciding to work on the blog, I realized I had writer’s block and a headache. Eventually, the evening was upon me and I had not achieved anything worthwhile throughout the day!

Yesterday was a great example of the powerful influence (conscious or subconscious) of the hyper information that surrounds us on a daily basis. I had absorbed the idea that this particular Monday was supposed to be blue and allowed it to impact my day in a negative manner. It was a strong reminder that I am responsible for my own happiness and productivity and that my dryer is not ‘out to get me’! Therefore, I have labelled today ‘Tremendous Tuesday’ and I am going to finish my ‘to do’ list, write an article and perhaps even head to the gym!

Moving on to clothes – I am a huge fan of the ‘oversized’ look and I love the generous proportions of this pale pink coat. The ‘oversized’ faux fur on the boots makes for an eye-catching boot and I particularly enjoy wearing them in proper winter as they are hard to pull off at any other time of the year! I have always enjoyed the ‘shirt under the jumper’ look and it is a great way to layer effectively in the colder months. I hope you enjoy this ‘lookbook’ and thank you so much for visiting my blog.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Marshalls, Shirt – Uniqlo, Coat – Per Una/Marks and Spencer (still in stores), Boots – Aquatalia, Bag – Banana Republic)

Welcoming 2017: In a Pink One Shoulder Dress

It is 2017 and with the new year comes all the hope and possibilities of bettering our own lives and those of others around us.  I have been told that pink, as a colour, denotes love for one self as well as love for others. Therefore, I thought it would be apt to start the new year by ‘lookbooking’ a pink dress in order to symbolize the importance of remembering to love ourselves as well as others this year.

I am a huge fan of this dress – I think it has a simple sophistication that is timeless and it is unapologetically pink! The black and white clutch makes for a striking addition to the dress and the black and white sandals work well to tie the overall look together.  I have a love affair with slingback sandals and I think they are more often than not the ideal shoe for a nice party dress. The best part of this dress – it is 100% wool and the material feels fabulously luxurious.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the love and support you have given ‘Isha’s Verdict’ over the past year and hoping for your continued affection and encouragement in the coming year. Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and a very happy new year!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Whistles, Clutch Bag – Dune, Sandals – Reiss)