Fall Fashion Trends: Classic Styles Revisited

It’s Autumn and the nascent winter chill is in the air. There are new fall clothes in the shops, beautiful fall clothes in our closets, and it is finally their turn to take the dance floor.  Autumn is the favourite season of so many of my friends and for good reason.  The weather is crisp and fresh, and the clothes are a refreshing three hundred and sixty-degree change from the summer clothes that have dominated the past months.  Autumn is the perfect season to show off cold weather fashion without it being so cold that all clothing is hidden by that extra thick and long coat!

So what’s new on the trend front for this Autumn? Animal print seems to be ruling the jungle at the moment – it is everywhere from dresses to coats and bags to shoes.  Animal print has always been a fall classic; however, the standout print is not without its critics.  It is probably one of the more controversial prints that people either love or love to hate.  Fans enjoy its boldness and critics find it harsh and overbearing.

I stand divided on ‘animal print’ love – for me, it depends on the fabric and the exact print that has been used on an item.  Generally, I find I enjoy wearing it most when I accessorize with it, rather than ‘go heavy’ with it covering the whole outfit.

Animal prints work well with classic fall colours and I find that pairing them with black, tan and red is a foolproof recipe for a sophisticated Autumn look. In this lookbook, I have paired my lovely animal print flats with jeans, an oversized cosy black jumper, a classic tan coat and a red crossbody bag.  I love everything about this look; it represents my personal fashion statement perfectly.

I think this time of the year is a great time to invest in some classic clothes that will carry you through the winter and into spring.  in my opinion, investing in classics such as black jumpers and tan coats will provide you with an effective canvas to build your winter look – whatever that may be.  I hope you enjoy this look and feedback is always welcome.  As always, thank you for reading my blog and have a fabulous weekend.

Clothes and accessories:

Premium Black Jumper – H&M

Tan Coat – Massimo Dutti

Flat Shoes – Zara, Similar – ASOS, and Massimo Dutti

Crossbody Bag – Salvatore Ferragamo



Red Bag and Grey Poncho: Old Memories and Old Things

I have mentioned my love for grey knitwear before and I am particularly fond of this grey poncho, which I purchased many years ago, but it is one of those things that I still thoroughly enjoy wearing! The last time I carried this red bag was to a dinner with friends at a restaurant called ‘Masala Library’ in Mumbai a few years ago.  The evening was progressing fabulously well with great food and even better company and then something very interesting happened! My friend whispered in my ear and I turned around to see Sonam Kapoor, Fawad Khan and another guest being seated on a table behind us. I  then whispered to my friend on my other side and soon the entire table has stopped talking, forks in mid-air, and was attempting to look at the movie stars behind us with the subtlety of a sledge hammer! These were the days before the release of ‘Khoobsurat’ and it appeared that they had come to dinner after a promotional event, as Sonam was wearing a beautiful pink dress. How did we figure this out – well the next mornings papers featured a picture of her at a promotional event in the same dress she was wearing at the restaurant – Sherlock Holmes had nothing on us! I was reminded of that lovely evening when I pulled out this bag yesterday and it made me think that old things and old memories really are like movie stars – they shine bright and bring great happiness!  As always, thank you for reading.

(Clothes and Accessories: Poncho – Marks and Spencer, Shirt – Uniqlo, Jeans – Zara, Shoes – BCBGGeneration, Clutch Bag – Henri Bendel, Watch – Cartier, Two Bangle Bracelets – Nordstrom – Nadiri)