Summer Dressing: Denim Tie Dye Culottes With a One-Shoulder Top

Summer in London is always a rollercoaster full of twists and turns. The one important fashion lesson that I have learned after living here for many years is that if you have a beautiful piece of winter clothing and want to save it for a special occasion – by all means do it! There will be plenty of crisp cold (or rainy) days when your new pink coat will provide the perfect pop of colour, as you strut down the road in your new boots. However, if you have a beautiful piece of summery clothing – never save it in anticipation of that perfect summer day! Every day of blue skies and warm weather is a gift and there is no assurance of when the weather Gods may decide to play with a new weather pattern. Wear summer clothes as soon as you buy them or you may find them next year with the tags still on, buried under your now frequently used pink coat.

Tie dye is a pattern that I associate with summer clothing and I absolutely love these relaxed culottes with a lovely tie dye pattern at the bottom. I enjoyed pairing them with this pretty one-shoulder top and my pink wedges on a lovely sunny day just gone. I am glad I wore them when I did, as according to the weather forecast it does not look like they will be worn again any time soon.

Have a great rest of the week and thank you so much for visiting Isha’s Verdict.

Clothes and accessories:

Wide-leg culottes – Sainsburys (on sale)

One-shoulder Top – Warehouse (on sale)

Wedge sandals – Gucci

Clutchbag – Henri Bendel


Quirky Summery Prints: Midi Dress and Wedge Sandals

Hello everyone! I am currently going through the process of unpacking and I think the boxes are getting the better of me.  I have found that despite my best efforts, my packing organisational skills are not ‘as boss’ as I had previously imagined them to be.  The first twenty boxes were labelled accurately with the contents contained and I was impressed with my attention to detail. However, after the first twenty, I must have been tired because the labelling thereafter has proved to be vague and unhelpful.  I am currently staring at a pile of boxes I have titled, ‘Things I may or may not need’. I have no idea what I was thinking when I labeled these – things I may or may not need could be most items found in a house! Plus, my needs often differ by the hour so unfortunately my labelling prowess is leaving much to be desired.  Perhaps, it may be best for me to move on to the next pile…

I have managed to find this dress in the box titled, ‘Current favourite dresses’ and I am so glad I did. I have always been a huge fan of interesting prints and I think they add an exciting flavour to clothes. This quirky fish and coral print is right up my street and so apt for summer.  I love a full sleeved dress in a London summer because the sleeves often eliminate the need to carry a light jacket into the evening. This draw string dress is easy to wear and made of a lovely soft material that is cooling and fuss free. I have paired the dress with one of my favourite pair of wedges and a lovely ‘summer colour’ leather jacket.

I hope you enjoy this lookbook and have a great week ahead.  As always, thank you so much for reading my blog.

Clothes and Accessories:

Dress – And Other Stories (Similar) also (similar)

Leather Jacket – Massimo Dutti (similar)

Cross body Bag – Karen Millen

Wedges – Tory Burch

Summer Staple: White Dress With Colourful Accessories

Good morning everyone! Most of us own a white dress or two, or more than a few, that are perfect for warm days and lots of rays. I find white dresses have a therapeutic quality about them – I feel an instant sense of relaxation when I wear them.

I am always tempted to wear white dresses with minimal accessories, thereby limiting the addition of any other colour; almost like a blank canvas where you hesitate from adding colour because you don’t want to interrupt the pristine beauty of the white square.  However, the flip side is that a white dress also makes for the grandest of canvases where the addition of any colour is magnified in its presentation by the sheer expanse of white giving it wings.

I love the relaxed cut of this white dress and the delicate white embroidery that covers the entirety of the bodice. This summer, I want to wear my white dresses with lots of clashing colours and bold accessories. In that spirit, I have paired this dress with bright blue thread earrings and contrasting lime green suede lace-up wedges.  I have added a bright pink lip to further add to the riot of colours  and I love the end result! I hope you enjoy this lookbook and as always, thank you so much for reading.

(Clothes and accessories: Dress – Anita Dongre Iinter-pret, Shoes – Joie, Earrings – Zara, Jacket – ASOS (Daisy street) , Clutch – Michael Kors)

Stylish Sale Acquisition: Industrial Green Midi Dress With Pink Wedge Sandals

You know that buzzing sensation you get in your brain when you hear a really good idea?  It’s that moment when the proverbial light bulb goes off in your head and you think, “what a fabulous idea”, why has no one thought of this before! This is exactly what happened to me when I first read about  ‘Globalise-Asian’, the new Podcast especially put together by and for the Asian community, settled in the UK and the World over. Globalise-Asian is the brain child of Gagan and Vatsala, two talented and vibrant individuals who I recently had the pleasure of meeting.

I had a fabulous time in their company recording my first ever podcast and they are clearly two professionals who are very passionate about their product and their platform.  l have always loved the human stories that surround us on a daily basis; the profound lessons and side-splitting humour that exist in our normal lives is the most interesting story of them all.  A podcast where I can hear my fellow global Asians’ life stories is just such a brilliant idea! Please find below an introduction to Globalise-Asian in their own words:

An Introduction to Globalise-Asian

“The concept of this podcast came about quite recently when I, Gagan, a Banking professional and Vatsala, a Medical Affairs specialist happened to meet over coffee. We both felt the need to bring professionals and others with varied skills and interests from the Asian diaspora together. It was also apparent that the few platforms that allow networking opportunities were clearly limited in reach to make any meaningful impact.

As listeners of various podcasts ourselves, we thought Globalise Asian will offer the ideal medium to attract and showcase the incredible expanse of skill set and commendable initiatives and success stories of the Asian community; i.e. Yourselves.

You can participate in several ways. As a speaker, you can use this space to either talk about your profession/business/initiative or just share your inspirational stories. On the other hand, as consumers of the series, your contribution as valuable feedback and support will help us grow what is now a humble community effort to the next level. The advantage of this creative, interactive digital medium truly presents endless opportunities.

The weekly podcast, post-production will be approximately 30 mins per episode. We have now interviewed several professionals, and people representing various backgrounds and interests. This is an ongoing process as we develop a growing library of podcast episodes which, much like any other podcast, will be accessible from iOS/android devices via the podcasts apps and also on our website. On our website, the link for each episode will be made available starting with the first episode on 23 April. We would love to hear from individuals who wish to join us as potential guest speakers or those wishing to get involved in other ways. As an effort geared solely for the benefit of the wider community, based on your suggestions and feedback, we will be flexible to evolve the format of the show as we go along. Welcome and enjoy listening to Globalise-Asian.”

Globalise-Asian podcast goes live on 23 April with its very first guest, Isha from ‘Isha’s Verdict’ (

You can connect with us on:
Facebook page:
LinkedIn :
Website :


I am a huge fan of the oversized trend and even the ‘kind of big on you’ trend really appeals to me.  I love this slightly oversized pale green dress as it reminds me of a classy boiler suit and the fabric and design add an edginess that is hard to pin down. There are two other reasons I love this dress: 1) With its long sleeves, it is ideal for the transitional weather we are currently experiencing 2) I bought this dress on sale for £13.94. Lets face it, nothing gives a retail therapy high quite like buying a dress you love on sale!  I have paired it with one of my favourite wedge heel sandals (which unfortunately did not cost £13.94) and a striking black and white clutch. I have rounded off the look with a black cotton swing coat that I have had for many years and works exceedingly well on a warmer spring day.

I hope you have enjoyed this lookbook and thank you so much for visiting my blog.  Don’t forget to tune in to hear Globalise-Asian’s first podcast episode on the 23rd of April  –  featuring yours truly.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – H&M, Sandals – Gucci, Clutch – Dune, Coat – Ted Baker )