How Can You Look Instantly Stylish?: Keep it Deceptively Simple

I am not going to lie – I love a fabulously put together, complicated outfit, where the juxtaposition of the print and strips works in perfect harmony with an expected pair of fabulous shoes, and is pulled together in a cohesive fashion statement by an extravagantly over the top coat in a gorgeous colour. Stylish – check; fashionable – check; trendy  – check; every day achievable – not quite!

A meticulously curated complex fashion statement is a delight to behold and is indeed an art form.  Is it a realistic expectation for the average woman who waked up early every morning to begin a new day of juggling a multitude of life’s expectations?  I most certainly think not; except for those of us who may be blessed with exceptional taste, it is near impossible to pull together highly stylised ensembles that require considerable thought on a day to day basis.

Let me share a small story – a few weeks ago, I started noticing that a particular polka-dotted white and black loose fit dress by Zara was obviously selling very well (I do not own one). The reason I noticed this was because I was seeing this dress quite often and often multiple times a day in London.  I remember making a mental note that it was so interesting that such a deceptively simple dress should be so well-liked.  I did not realize that I was not the only one to pick up on this independently – till I saw the following article on The New York Times website –  The $50 Dress That Conquered Britain

Only once I had read this article did I realize that I was late to the game but my observations were correct – this dress is a cult hit!  It is indeed a best seller and even has an Instagram page dedicated to women wearing it. Various articles have been written about the success of the dress and Zara is still selling it – back for a second season.

This begs the question – why is this dress so popular?  In my opinion, the single most important reason is that it is deceptively simple to wear in every sense of the word.  It is a relaxed fit, a comfortable midi length and can be dressed up and down with any combination of accessories. The print is a simple canvas that allows you to wear any shoe, jewellery, handbag, coat in your wardrobe and still make the overall effect look well pulled together.  This is the kind of dress that lets the wearer interpret it to work with their body, to their convenience and to their taste – not the other way around!

This is why I believe that one simple recipe to looking instantly stylist is to keep it deceptively simple. Simplicity can indicate a measured restraint and radiate a quiet confidence that translates into a formidable fashion statement; it shows that you understand that sometimes less is more and allows your personality to do the talking.

I am a huge fan of single colour dresses and they make up a good chunk of my wardrobe.  They stand the test of time well and they also present an unlimited opportunity to try out various combinations of accessories and shoes.

In this lookbook, I am wearing a beige dress and a white dress that are simple but their cut and style are highly stylized in my opinion. I have paired my beige dress with an old statement cuff (animal print is still all the rage) and a bold bag to make for a sophisticated work look. I have paired the white dress with a gorgeous Indian necklace from @toraandesign and the simplicity of the white dress really provides a chance for the statement necklace to shine. COS is a great source of single colour dresses with a novel cut; in the summer and the winter – I am a fan!  I hope you enjoy these looks and have a great week ahead.  As always; thank you for reading Isha’s Verdict.

Clothes and Accessories: 

White shirt dress – COS (old)

Beige A-line Dress  – COS

Indian Necklace – Toraan Design 

‘Cult Dress’ – Zara

Summer Staple: White Dress With Colourful Accessories

Good morning everyone! Most of us own a white dress or two, or more than a few, that are perfect for warm days and lots of rays. I find white dresses have a therapeutic quality about them – I feel an instant sense of relaxation when I wear them.

I am always tempted to wear white dresses with minimal accessories, thereby limiting the addition of any other colour; almost like a blank canvas where you hesitate from adding colour because you don’t want to interrupt the pristine beauty of the white square.  However, the flip side is that a white dress also makes for the grandest of canvases where the addition of any colour is magnified in its presentation by the sheer expanse of white giving it wings.

I love the relaxed cut of this white dress and the delicate white embroidery that covers the entirety of the bodice. This summer, I want to wear my white dresses with lots of clashing colours and bold accessories. In that spirit, I have paired this dress with bright blue thread earrings and contrasting lime green suede lace-up wedges.  I have added a bright pink lip to further add to the riot of colours  and I love the end result! I hope you enjoy this lookbook and as always, thank you so much for reading.

(Clothes and accessories: Dress – Anita Dongre Iinter-pret, Shoes – Joie, Earrings – Zara, Jacket – ASOS (Daisy street) , Clutch – Michael Kors)

Reuse and Restyle: White Dress With an Embroidered Jacket

It is almost the end of February and the official start of spring will take place next month. While it is still cold outside, the weather is getting warmer, the garden greener and the days longer.  I find the coming month is a great time to start pulling out some of those cotton dresses, that while still can’t be worn by themselves owing to the cold, can be worn paired with jackets and boots on one of those warmer days. OK fine  – I know that it could also snow next month but a girl can always hope…

I have lookbooked this dress before in the following post – Classic White Shirt Dress: Simplicity At It’s Best .  It is hard to go wrong with a well tailored white dress and I love the full sleeves and low-high hem on this one.  It really is a blank canvas in terms of styling options and seems to work with almost anything. I have opted for a neutral theme for this look and paired it with a lovely embroidered jacket and grey over-the-knee boots. I find that neutral coloured boots work really well in the final months of cold weather as they don’t appear as heavy and overpowering as the darker coloured boots often used in the dead of winter. I have continued the colour palette with a complimentary neutral bag and used a red lip to provide the only pop of colour.

I hope you like the styling and thank you so much for reading.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the quality and composition of the blog so that I can improve it further.

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – COS (similar), Jacket – Zara, Boots – Zara, Hangbag – Givenchy)

Classic White Shirt Dress: Simplicity At It’s Best

I have always been attracted to the classic nature of a crisp white shirt. Therefore, a crisp white shirt dress had instant appeal for me. This dress is the perfect fusion of a crisp white shirt and a flowy white dress and I loved it the moment I saw it! I admire the stark simplicity of the garment and it provides the perfect blank canvas to build many a look upon.  In this instance, I decided to celebrate its simplicity and pair it with nothing more than a floral bag and colourful heels.  In my opinion, the spring colours in the clutch and the slingback heels add just the right drama to enhance the dress but not interrupt the overall pared-down style statement. The colourful shoes and accessories are also my nod to the approaching spring weather (hopefully)!

I look forward to styling this dress differently and presenting it again in a few months. I have always been a fan of white dresses in the warmer months and currently there are so many in the shops to choose from. As always, thank you for reading and have a great rest of the week!

(Clothes and Accessories: Dress – Cos, Slingback Heels – ASOS, Leather Clutch Bag – Karen Millen, Earrings – Follie Follie)